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Skinny Dipping

Posted on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 6:55pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim
Edited on on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 7:05pm

Mission: History Speaks
Location: Risa - 6 months earlier
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 1930

The newly minted Junior Grade Lieutenant had been enjoying the fruits of Risa. Women were everywhere and many were to his taste. The planet itself was beautiful, as well. However, he had yet to see a Horga'hn displayed. He knew that Risaans did this when they wished to seek Jamaharon. Tomer wondered how different it might be from his usual sexual experiences.

A drink in hand, he sipped on it and then put it back at his chest's height as he had sated his thirst. Turning towards his right carelessly, he bumped into someone and his drink went flying in that direction.

Kara had been strolling along in a little world of her own when she bumped into someone. Moments later her bikini and body were covered in drink.

"My apologies, m'lady," Tomer told Kara in a chivalrous voice that was slightly embarrassed. "Would you prefer that I get you a towel to dry you or make up for this faux paus in some other way?"

“A towel will be fine don’t worry!” Kara smiled. “It’s a bikini it’s designed to get wet and as for me I’ll dry off and it’ll be fine. I was thinking of going for a swim anyway. Perhaps you’d like to join me?”

Tomer smiled, liking the way that this woman thought. He gave the Trill an obvious once over and gave a smile of greater approval. "Lead on," he told Kara and followed close by her. With a charming voice and much bravado, he said, "I had always wondered how far a Trill spots go...."

"Oh have you now?" Kara grinned. "Well as you can see..." She motioned to her spots. "They go all the way...." She smiled and walked on until they found a spot that wasn't over crowded with people. "By the way I'm Kara and you are..?"

Noticing that Kara had purposely led him to an area that was not very crowded, he smiled. This woman had promise. "My name is Tomer. If you wish to get to the crude Federation Standard, it would be the boring name of Tom. Hebrew is a much better language. Richer history and cooler names."

“It’s nice to meet you Tomer.” She paused to sit on a rocky outcrop. “How’s about we go for that swim so I can get your drink out of my bikini?” She grinned.

Within nanoseconds of the invitation being given, Tomer had his shirt off. "Well, I did not bring my swimming trunks. However, I doubt that anyone here on Risa would mind if I skinny dipped."

He held his hand out to Kara and said, "Perhaps you would be better cleaned if we got you out of that sticky bikini, as well?"

Kara couldn't help but grin. Reaching round she undid her bikini top before dropping it on the floor. "I'll beat you to the water!!" She quickly ran for the water, once she was submerged she removed her bikini bottoms as well tossing them towards the beach.

"Playful," Tomer quietly said to himself as he reached to catch her bikini bottom. In a single swoop, he laid it back behind him and he dove into the water as quick as a torpedo after having removed his remaining clothing. Within seconds, he caught up to Kara, and invaded her personal space. "So, may I ask what the penalty is for having been beaten?"

"Hmmm now let me think about that." She smiled as she slipped her arms around his neck and gave him a romantic kiss. As their lips parted she looked back towards the beach. "Last one to that cove over there is a rotten egg!!" She started swimming, it didn't take long to reach the cove as she ran onto the sand collecting her bikini bits and her towel enroute she purposely moved Tomer's further away so he'd have to go further to get them. As she got there she sat down in her towel and waited for Tomer to reach her.

Tomer basked in the kiss and then was more than a little surprised as the vixen took off once again. Had the swim been further, he had little doubt that he could have caught her and made her pay for the teasing. Worse, she threw his clothes further from her and him. The woman was incorrigible. "Naughty, naughty!" he told her in a mock scolding fashion.

"Sorry I couldn't resist!" She smiled as she sat looking at him. "I believe you said something about wanting to find out how far my spots went? How's about I let you find out?"

"Given all the sand that I am going to have to get out of these clothes, I think that is a more than fair exchange." He walked up to Kara confidently, sat down next to her, pulled her abruptly so that she was forced onto him. He reached his mouth down and found hers. Just as she did, he grabbed Kara's buttocks that lifted off the ground and smacked it sharply. He snickered into the kiss.

Kara gasped but continued to enjoy their kiss with a pleasured sigh, she wasn't used to rough play but she didn't mind it either. Right now she was going to enjoy herself even if it meant some rough and tumble along with it. She let the kiss get a whole lot deeper as her fingers trailed along his skin.

Hearing Kara gasp further encouraged Tomer, his excitement getting stronger. He squeezed her butt cheek firmly with one hand while allowing his other trailed gently and sensually along her side. He could not decide whether Karas’s kisses tasted more like a sweet red wine or raspberries but he ultimately decided it did not matter as she was delicious and his for now.

Kara let her fingers trail along Tomer's skin, there were no layers to remove as they were both already naked. As the kissing got more and more passionate Kara ran her fingers through Tomer's hair before sliding herself off his lap and onto her towel pulling him down on top of her as she went.

Allowing himself to be pulled onto her, Tomer's body easily united with Kara's. He broke the kiss from her mouth and started towards her neck. He wanted to hear and feel every sensation from this fascinating woman.

Kara encouraged every moment, enjoying every sensation Tomer was giving her. This would be one night Kara wouldn't soon forget.

~ A while later ~

Kara lay entangled in Tomer's body, her hair was damp but not from the water more from the exertion of their love making. "I take it you have that answer about my spots now?"

"Some spots yes, but not all your spots." He grinned at her mischievously. "I'm pretty sure that there are more spots to explore," he told her with obvious innuendo.

"Ohh really?" Kara smiled as she kissed his chest, her fingers still enjoying touching his body. "Well it's not like we have anywhere to go." She leaned up for a passionate kiss. "I don't think I'd ever be able to refuse making love with you!"

Tomer pulled Kara in closer to himself. "Unfortunately, I have a work dinner tomorrow," he told her reluctantly. His voice as smooth as velvet, he told Kara, "So, until then, you can have me as much as you would like and in whatever way you would like." Pulling her slightly back to make sure that she could see him, he looked into her eyes and asked, "Do you have a record that we should be seeking to break? Because I can see that you will be satiating my appetite for the near future. We should make as many memories as we can."

"Well I've not really counted before" She grinned. "But I think we could set a new record just for the enjoyment of it." She smiled warmly. "I'd like to see just how much I can take in one night!"

"This may not be Jamaharon but I must say that I could not imagine anything more perfect than you right now," Tomer told Kara in awe. "Let's see just how much you can take." Meaningfully, he laid Kara back on her back and engulfed her.



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