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Making a Connection (Working Title)

Posted on Sun Jan 31st, 2021 @ 11:33am by Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Lieutenant Phelan Zhaan

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Location: Faltan Station - Medical Bay
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1740


Phelan entered Sickbay with none of the reluctance displayed by so many, especially those in his particular profession, and waited to be noticed. To his mind, it was just part of the price he paid for the life he had chosen though, for this visit at least, it was more about establishing a relationship with a physician and giving them a chance to look him over because really, all doctors did that.

Doctor Hudson had been working on some referencing work in his office, when a nurse Matheson had come to knock on his open doorframe. "Tristian. We have a new patient to the station, I believe a Lieutenant Zhaan. "Stats." Hudson had stated, while still staring at his computer screen.

"Lt. Zhaan is an As'ean Male, 30." Nurse Matheson then continued. "Well. It looks like he has considerable file work over the years with Federation Doctors." She had begun to pan through the Lieutenant's medical history.

"Well. Don't me in suspense Matheson." Hudson grunted. "Let's see." She started from the top. "As you are aware Doctor Hudson. As'eans are primarily a nocturnal race. A matured As'ean is reached by age 25, however lifespans can range from 200 to 250 years." She raised a brow. "How about that?" She tapped her finger on the side of the medical padd.

"Interesting. Continue." Hudson had reached for his standard medical tricorder at his desk side, and leaned back in his chair before he would attend to the patient, he had liked to hear a concise vetting of their records. "As'ean's blood is largely nickel based, rather than iron rich. Thus presenting-"

"Presenting with a rather dark black coloration." Hudson had nodded, as he had pulled up the Lieutenant's medical file on his own computer now. "We will need to complete a rundown of sympathetic asthmatic compendium, given their homeworld atmosphere is denser. I will need to know what sort of medication he may or may not be on currently..." Dr. Hudson had made a note. "Gravitational Eco sciences have concluded that As'ean's indeed have a much stronger muscle composition, as composed to Earth humanoids." He noted. "Fascinating... I wonder if he requires any type of treatment, or therapies for maintaining his original muscle composition, despite our ambient station gravitational regulations?"

Matheson interjected. "Well according to this, he basically could be hearing our conversation right now." She had paused, and peeked towards the doorway. "No, he is still seated in the waiting room."

Hudson had laughed. "Right. Extremely good hearing as 35Hertz lows to as high as 62,000 Hertz spectrum." Tristian continued reading... "As such, they do have a lower sense of taste." He shrugged. "Could be a good thing, considering our station's replicators."

"Considerable evolutionary advancement in visual spectrum, however this is tempered during the daylight or bright lighting." He paused. "Hmmnnn Perhaps we should lower the lighting in the exam room to a 65% basis." He had nodded to Nurse Matheson. "As'ean eyesight is stronger in low light and darkened conditions seeing as their homeward is in twilight."

"What an interesting fellow." Tristian rubbed at the side of his temple, while he continued reading. "As'ean's often wear shielded lenses in bright light as a correctional aid." Hudson wondered. "Would those be contact lenses?"

"When he had arrived, I did not see him wearing a pair, perhaps he had brought some with him, if Phelan wears a eye-glass shielded lenses?" Nurse Matheson added.

"Humanoid retinal cone receptors have the capacity to distinguish up to six million different colors, it is reported." Doctor Hudson was becoming more anxious to meet his mysterious new addition to the station.

"Here!" Matheson, held her hand upward in gesture. "Listen to this! The average As’ean's Tapetum Lucidum at the back of their eye, is mirrored in mimic. The belief is that this mirror articulation reflects light that has not been readily absorbed, back into the eye a second time, helping with brighter vision. Hence, their eyes can glow in dark environments when light is shone into their eyes." The nurse had then begun to rub at the side of her temple while reading.

"No way, this isn't fair. As'ean eyes have a sensory binocular vision construct helping them to see and judge distances much better than humanoid Earthlings." Hudson had shook his head, now clearly intrigued.

"Similar, yet non-similar to that of the theory of the Vulcan Pon Farr. The event of Unity for As'ean's is anytime past their puberty of 25, whereas two consenting parties connect together on a spiritual coalescence, which is reportedly, so powerful it can be best described as experiencing a decade of exceptional sex all at once...." Matheson, slowly let her medical padd slip downward. "Oh my GOD."

"Pull yourself together MATHESON!" Hudson had grunted. "If you read FURTHER, although the psychological strain of such a link can make it dangerous."

"Have you ever known me to shy away from the dangerous Doctor?!" She huffed.

"Control yourself! He is a patient, not a personal buffet for your desires Nurse Matheson!" Tristian scolded her.

"I'm only JOKING, Sir!" She scoffed.

"..... Signs and symptoms of an As’ean undergoing their season include irritability, mood swings, inability to concentrate, headaches, fatigue, and fever." She had shook her head.

"I'll say!" Stated Tristian. Shaking his head. I think we will need a double booked appointment over the standard run of the mill questionnaire work up. I want you to have everything on the cart ready, along with advanced neuro, visual and cognitive sensory relay heptronics." Hudson had added the medical instruments to the patients physiological medical workup.

Getting up from his seat, Dr. Hudson had tugged at his medical uniform, and then had placed on his white lab coat, as he decided now was as good as any to meet the new patient. "Let's not keep Lieutenant Zhaan waiting!"

Walking in to the main waiting room of the Medical Bay, Doctor Hudson had walked over to the seated As'ean Male. "Lieutenant Zhaan, Sir. Welcome to the Faltan Station Medical Bay. Thank you for arriving for your medical workup. How has your first few days been like here on the Station?" He had asked, while gesturing with his hand to walk with Doctor Hudson inward towards one of the bio beds.

"Busy," Phelan said, his deep voice carrying with it a touch of his homeworld in its depths, as he rose and walked with the doctor toward the nearest biobed and hopped easily up on one end. "Good for me because I'm not much for sitting around but admittedly not so good for everyone else, I know. As for the medical checkup," he shrugged lightly, a bit of a sparkle in the depths of his blue eyes, "well, you're aware of my file so, you know that I'll be showing up on a regular basis while I'm stationed here." He sat on the end, hands resting lightly on the top of his thighs, and looked about.

"You have considerable medical history." Began Dr. Hudson. He had reached for his medical tricorder. The lighting had been reduced to 25% in the bio bed rooms. "How is the lighting? Is it too bright for you?" He had inquired.

"Better," Phelan said as the room came alive in a sort of richness of detail, "and thank you for that. Broke my last pair of glasses and haven't had a chance to replicate a new pair."

"First. I generally would like to get a general run down on the satisfaction of the medical services you have recieved thus, within your prior Starfleet Medical experiences with Doctors. I want to ask how you are feeling in relation to any issues you currently are having irritations, problems with considering the stations environmental stimuli." Ross had picked up his electron Ophthalmoscope, and begun phase checking the dynamic sequencing of Zhaan's eyes. "Please look forward as I am going to take a look at your cornea, refractory anodes."

Phelan complied; he was, as the doctor said, an old hand now with all of this. "You know, I think this is the first time I've ever been asked how I felt about the treatment I've received." Honesty compelled him to give the matter some actual thought; he wanted to shake his head but caught himself at the last second. "No problems come to mind. Some are easier to talk to than others but no, no problems from my end. As for the station, I haven't been here long enough to form an opinion. Bright but then it always is."

"I ask about your prior medical relationships with Doctors, because we tend to forget the patient exists. And it is about ensuring you receive the help as to which you need, and had come in for. As for your eyes," Doctor Hudson had set down the Ophthalmoscope. "They are extraordinary, in sense. Incredible." He held back from heralding his patient's biological processes.

"Now, you say you had broken your last pair of glasses." He had reached for his medial padd and then transferred his latest scans of his eye to the new padd. "I can update a pair for you, before you leave." He had signed off on the order, and handed it to Nurse Matheson. "Thank you Matheson."

"Thank you," Phelan said. "Makes the lights around here a lot easier to manage."

"Of course Doctor." She had went to the back lab to update the matrix of the medical replicator, which had a bit more processes for replicating patient devices.

"Now." Hudson continued. "How has your lung capacity been with the change in the gravity? Do you use an inhaler stimulant? There have been advances, where I can give you a direct monthly shot for your body, you wouldn't need to carry around that antiquated inhaler? If you are using one?" Tristian asked. Reaching for his next padd and instrument, a device that he would check and have the Lieutenant's lung oxygenation and bio aminotraminase reactivity extrapolated. "if you can hold still for a moment, I am going to have to check your lung functionality, given the change in the gravity on your bodily processes. Please take a moment, inhale as much air as you can hold for three seconds, and then exhale into this device." He held it at the ready for Zahaan.

"Have been using an inhaler," Phelan said, he fished around in his right pocket and pulled it out, "but if there's a monthly shot, I'd rather have that." He settled in place, inhaled deeply, and held it while mentally counting three seconds. Echai Andovachia, Stayren Andovachia, Sheylish Andovachia At the end, he exhaled into the device the doctor held in front of him.

"I will have the dosage set to your current dosage on here..." Hudson had checked the name and serial data of the Lieutenant's prescription. "Or do you feel you could use a bit of a raise? It has been helping you .34 mcg?" He inspected the device.

Phelan nodded. "I work out every day and I haven't noticed any problems. I think the last doctor had adjusted the dosage a couple of months back."

"Ok. Your respiration is strong, looks well." He had looked at the data results on his medical padd, and then begun to run his tricorder with a myelin insenchronometric analyzer. Nurse Colby had come back with a nice new pair of glasses, as well a snazzy new case for them. She had placed them on the top of the cart for Doctor Ross to hand to Lieutenant Zahaan next.

"Nurse, Colby. Will you please have ready for me a planning set up within Lieutenant Zahaan's computer records, a prompting for monthly injections in Innarelican LXR..... I'd like a start dose of .33 mcg. IM..."

"Yes Doctor." She replied, walking back to the Sick Bay storage room and labs while adding the updated information to Lieutenant Zahaan's current medical profile with his new presiding Doctor Ross.

"Now, if you can show me a few flexes of your wrists, biceps and then sit with your feet on the end of the bio bed, planted here." He had placed his hand. "Then if you can invert your knees uniform upward in position. This will allow me to access your muscle bio composition with the latest metrics from As'ean Doctors, regarding off world muscle dilation composition. I need to make sure that your muscles are in acceptable limits." Hudson had begun his tricorder measurements, "If you could start with those contractions, first with your wrists, fists, and then forearms, upwards to your biceps Lieutenant." Ross measured as the Lieutenant began.

He remembered the chain of instructions. Easy enough to do when you spent as much time in dojos as he had over the years. As someone who considered physical performance an important aspect of the work that he did, Phelan was committed to remaining in good, if not great, shape. "I'm a bit surprised," he said as he complied, going through the movements, "that you could get any data from As'nea. Not the friendliest bunch to outsiders."

"Impressive!" He quipped. "All those years of heightened gravity has done your musculature system well." Hudson nodded as the reflexes each showed the nutrients being absolved within the muscle tissues in real-time data. "You haven't noticed any soreness of your joints, anything... Out of the ordinary?" He had thought he should ask.

One corner of his mouth lifted slightly at the caveat because aches and pains were part of the job and the workouts that went along with being prepared for the job. "No," he said, with a slight shake of the head, "nothing out of the ordinary." Just as the denser atmosphere back home, if you could call it that, meant that he had to deal with asthma, the heightened gravity on As'ea meant that here in the Federation he was significantly stronger. Not a bad thing when your job was as physical as his often was.

"Good, Good." He shrugged. "Yes, the As'ean homeworld has been hostile to outsider requests, however, they can be quite helpful when it comes to their citizens serving in Star Fleet. There has been infrequent times when information from Aseana has been added to the Federation Medical Community, but when they do, they don't leave out alot." Ross rubbed his chin, remembering one late night at Med School when he had to over see an entire lecture on Asean Medical Terminology and Metrics for Starfleet use.

"Well." He had set his padd down. "Everything looks good, more than good. I'd say you're going to do very well in Security in any sorts of run downs or physical assaults." He then wondered. "We'll we wish none of that, but you understand."

"So say we all," Phelan said. "On my last ship, the doctor used to say that the best days for him were the ones where he didn't have to do anything at all. I'd have to agree with that assessment ... it would be a bit dull but people would be safe." He shrugged lightly thinking of the other kinds of things he could do with his time. "But I'd adjust."

"Good to hear, Sir." Ross had nodded. "Here is your pair of shielded glasses. I trust you will find them suitable, if not, come back and we can change them up to your liking." He handed Zhaan the case and pair.

"How do they fit?" Ross has asked.

Phelan tried them on, adjusting them on the bridge of his nose, and nodded. "Should be alright. Thank you, doctor. Barring unforeseen difficulties, I guess I'll be seeing you in about a month." As he left the examination area, he winked at Matheson and headed out. Having reported in and received an examination, it was time to find his quarters and his office, and meet his staff.


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