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Lieutenant Reni Kozrehl

Name Reni 'Koz' Kozrehl

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 154lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and lithe, Kozrehl holds herself ramrod straight, on the balls of her feet. A perpetual dynamo, she talks with her hands as much as with her expressions. With her dyed-black hair, blue eyes and height, her exuberance is sure to mark her out of the crowd.

Kozrehl keeps her hair up in a high ponytail when on-duty, and enjoys a crisp clean uniform, despite her occupation.

Off-duty Kozrehl mostly lets her hair down, literally, preferring casual PT gear, or a nice dress when heading out, both options with short sleeves showing off her copious tattoos.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Gulal
Mother Lessu
Brother(s) Jaarem, Idur
Sister(s) Yereel
Other Family Various Aunts & Uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Overview Exuberant and outgoing, Koz, as she’s known to close friends, enjoys being the centre of attention and the life of the party. The Trill enjoys letting her hair down, sometimes to the point of self-destruction. When not partying in her free time she enjoys copious amounts of sports, climbing, boxing, long-distance running, anything to push and challenge her.

On duty, she’s a pretty straight-laced person, doing her best to make sure that every ‘I’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed, knowing that Operations will be the first to suffer. Although a professional, she is known to flirt with other officers
Strengths & Weaknesses + - Dedicated - Koz is dedicated to her work in Operations and enjoys it immensely. She makes no secret of the fact it is relatively quiet compared to her other career options in Starfleet, Security and Shuttle piloting.

+/- - Competent - A competent shot, Koz can get carried away and assume that she is better than she is.

+/- - Driven – Kozis driven to success in her professional life, stung by her rejection on Trill. It has led her far from her home planet and has mostly satisfied her.

+/- Is a little ambivalent of her Trill upbringing due to her ejection from the Initiate’s Program

- - Has a strong self-destructive edge in her personal life and often pushes herself to the limits in her sporting endeavours taking risks that increase her adrenaline levels. She is unsure whether this is because of her rejection from the Initiates Program or whether that played a part.
Ambitions Koz has learned not to have too many ambitions in life, lest she disappoint herself. She is comfortable in her current position in Starfleet, enjoying the responsibility, but not wishing for more responsibility a higher position would. She is also wary of taking the Command Track tests and program, fearing washing out.

Eventually she figures she’ll retire from Starfleet and travel the galaxy, looking for more thrilling adrenaline-generating encounters until it becomes one too many.
Hobbies & Interests As an active person, Koz enjoys sports, particularly boxing, and soccer, whether to watch or participate in. A regular gym goer, she enjoys weightlifting and running machines when stuck aboard a starship.

When she can, she enjoys free-climbing whatever mountain she can, the more dangerous the better. Koz also enjoys endurance events such as ultramarathons and shuttle rallies that require long periods of concentration and little sleep. It seems little can tire her out.

In quieter moments, she knits.

Personal History Reni Kozrehl was born in 2360 to Gulal and Lessu. Both parents were administration workers for the Telain continental council, and they led a comfortable life. The youngest of four children, Kozrehl routinely had to fight her elder siblings for attention and to define herself. Her parents in later years would claim she was born with a sharp tongue and a hair-trigger temper.

Gulal Kozrehl was a joined Trill by the time of his marriage, and fully expected that at least one of his children would show the aptitude to be placed in the Initiates Program from a young age. He was pleasantly surprised when both Reni and her eldest brother Jaarem showed the aptitude. Although
Trill are a notoriously relaxed people, they take Joining seriously, and Koz was put under immense pressure from a young age, regularly tested at school and in the Initiates Program for the aptitudes required to become joined. Initially, in her childhood, Koz was a high match for Joining. As she grew older, however, the Initiates Program recognised a drift in her performance to the profile.

Subject to the many frustrations of the youngest sibling in the family, Koz grew up doing well at school, but with a sharp tongue and short temper.

She would wish to be left alone to the subjects that fascinated her, such as mechanics and robotics. Koz quickly grasped that sports would allow a healthy vent to her family frustrations and drove herself competitively, excelling at boxing and marathon running at her high school.

As she neared graduation her drive increased as she pushed herself, trying to excel in all the necessary fields to be continue in the Initiates Program. With the drive, however, came self-destructive tendencies as she picked increasingly risky hobbies such as free climbing.

Unfortunately, it was not good enough for the Initiates Program, whose psychological testing showed her underlying anger issues and increasing self-destructive tendencies. At the age of 17, in 2377, she was summarily withdrawn by the administrators.

Stung by her failure and the success of her eldest brother who was cruising through his program, Koz cast about for something to focus her future on. It was only by chance that she caught one of the numerous Starfleet recruitment holos on the local network that she found something to focus on.

The idea of being able to leave Trill, her family and her failure behind was a great motivation, and a few days later she applied to take the Academy entrance exams. Unsurprisingly they were easier, just a little, compared to the Initiates Program. At the end of the Dominion War, Starfleet was desperate for new recruits.

Koz arrived at the Academy on Earth at a time when Starfleet was serious about rebuilding the fleet and recovering from the Dominion War and applying its lessons. The curriculum was intense and unrelenting. She found that the stress of her courseload was too much and began acting out.

The Trill increasingly began pursuing risky sports, pushing her free climbing, and becoming involved in some shuttle and hovercar racing on the sly when she wasn’t with her friends. Koz quickly gained a tight group of confidants and built a reputation for being a party girl who let her hair down hard when not on campus.

As she pursued her studies, Koz found she was good at shuttle piloting in an official capacity, and was adequate enough with a phaser that she could consider a career in Security, Kox in the end opted for specialising in Operations with a minor in Shuttle Operation. The young woman found that Operations suited her need for control and direction, and she slipped easily into the world of logistics, supply, and general maintenance.

Graduating in 2380, Koz was assigned to the USS Potemkin , a Nebula-class vessel attached to the 8th Fleet. Her tour consisted of stabilising the former Cardassian Union now the war was over. Starfleet and the Federation were eager to prevent a second collapse of a regional power that could lead to another war similar to the Dominion War. Koz, in all honesty, found it disconcerting that they would assist so diligently in rebuilding a foe who had so recently waged such merciless war on the Federation.

Like any other good officer, Ensign Reni Kozrehl sucked it up and found she quite enjoyed active duty as an Operations Officer, coordinating the supplies aboard the Potemkin and, occasionally and under the supervision of a senior officer in the department, system-wise supply and logistics issues the Potemkin had been tasked with solving.

In truth, the assignment was a quiet one in terms of aggressive actions. The Potemkin would arrive on the heels of a pacification of local pirate or smuggler activity and endeavour to build and encourage a new civilian infrastructure in order to lessen the local dependency on illegal activities and strengthen the Cardassian civilian government. In later years, Koz would struggle to determine whether any good had been done.

At the end of the Potemkin’s four year tour, Koz had done enough to be promoted in position, if not rank, and was transferred from the ship to a new posting aboard the USS Brandywine, an Akira-class vessel tasked with patrolling the outer reaches of Federation space in the Alpha Quadrant.

The Brandywine proved to have her own unique and challenging supply requirements on continuous patrol at the edge of Federation space. Frequent clashes with pirates and smugglers on the fringes of known space, and shadowing Breen starships provided unique stressors to the environment. Koz found herself struggling, particularly in sourcing replacements parts for the starfigher wing, and increasingly couldn’t cope.

The Trill found escape in increasingly extreme holodeck programs, often with the safeties off. She would push herself to compete with ultramarathoners and pull daring manouvres in shuttlecraft that had no business flying to feel the rush of accomplishment. Koz managed to keep this a secret for a while, before falling off the bottom of a cliff and needing medical attention from Sickbay.

Though the breaks in her legs were not serious, they were enough to cause concern once the medical logs were reviewed, and Koz was assigned a Counselor in order to work through her issues. It was made clear that her advancement and future in Starfleet were contingent on her attending regular sessions.

At first, Koz found that these were painful and awkward appointments, and would often try to stall or waste time as much as she could until one day she just … gave in, and started talking. She found that the talking didn’t change her as such – her desire to return to Trill remained negligible, her drive to do well in her work remained, and her thrill-seeking endured. But all were increasingly manageable impulses that she could use to her advantage when in the necessary frame of mind.

Suddenly, the Brandywine’s supply problems didn’t seem so insurmountable, and she gradually relaxed into her work, beginning to find the challenge comforting.

Being so far from Federation space meant the Brandywine undertook a variety of missions. Often, she found herself in combat with unsavoury criminals. Koz found she thrived in these high-stress environments and managed to acquit herself well for the remainder of her tour with the Brandywine.

By the end of 2387, Koz had earned a promotion to Lieutenant JG in light of her work as Deputy Chief Operations Officer, and was transferred out to the USS Gordon. A Steamrunner-class vessel, the spaceframe was already creaking, but it allowed Koz to further learn the ropes of her trade. The Gordon was assigned an extended tour of the Romulan Neutral Zone in order to shore up an increasingly unstable area of space.

As with many Starfleet operations in the 2380s, the Gordon saw numerous actions against pirate and smuggler groups, and, along the Romulan border, the dreaded Orion Syndicate. Though not directly involved, Koz would take great pleasure in being part of operations that disrupted the criminal organisation bit by bit.

She still found that she required competitive sport to relax her, but found the impulses easier to control with continued counselling. Koz still had a reputation for letting her hair down hard, however, and enjoyed the occasions when she could.

The tour aboard the Gordon was a successful one for Koz, but she reflected it could not have been otherwise, considering how well-supplied the vessel was for parts and weaponry. The environment was sufficiently relaxed that the new Junior Grade Lieutenant flourished for four years, before earning another transfer.

Faltan station had never been on her radar. In truth, she hadn’t even heard of the place. But she heard the rumours and possibilities and squared her shoulders for the new challenge.
Service Record 2380-84 – Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Potemkin
2384-87 – Ensign, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, USS Brandywine
2387-90 – Lieutenant (JG), Deputy Chief Operations Officer, USS Gordon
2390-Present – Lieutenant (JG) Chief Operations Officer Faltan Station