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Raeya Sector is located near the tripartite borders of the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets' Beta Quadrant Expansion Zone. Within the sector, is Raeya System which has three inhabited worlds, Falta III, Union, and Raeya.

Falta III

Originally settled by an advanced humanoid species in 1990 who crash-landed on the planet after a failed test of drive technology that flung their experimental craft over 100,000 light years across the galaxy. The ship's crew set up a small outpost that, over sixteen generations, turned into a thriving colony with a population of over 1 million spread across the Northern Hemisphere.

NOTE: The people who live on Falta are called FALTEANS. There is also a second, indigenous population in the southern hemisphere which are native to the planet. They are called the BONENGI (but nothing is in Starfleet's records about them). The Bonengi are a pre-warp civilization that were relocated there by the Raeyans.

Anti-Federation sentiment is widespread across the planet and has its basis in failed covert operations conducted by Starfleet Intelligence on the planet but has been exacerbated in recent years by a targeted campaign that harnessed the tide of Faltean discontent and directed it toward the outsiders.

Principle locations on the planet:
> Falta City: The capital of Falta III. The main government building has known safeguards built in that prevent transport in/out but Intel suspects that additional measures have been added subsequent to intrusions by outworlders.
> Vrayvale City: Located 50 miles from Falta City, Vrayvale is a seaport and is considered a busy trading center, second only to Falta City itself.
> Jaifnard: Located near one of the three most important mines on Falta III, Jaifnard is a trading center.
> Atuginia: Located in an area that is predominately farmlands and wide swaths of untouched nature. It has the lowest population size but in space, is larger than Jaifnard. Atuginia specializes in farming, cattle, and fishing.

Note: Records indicate that a Starfleet Intelligence team working covertly was responsible for executions of Faltean citizens, without benefit of trial, in Vrayvale, Jaifnard, and Atuginia.


Union is a warp-capable world. People living on Union are called Unani; they are born into a class system. Moving upward or out of their class isn't possible and its not something Unani think about -- they live for the 'greater good.' What constitutes the greater good is decided by the ruling cast, the Reysh-Unani. For more information see, the wiki entry.


Raeya is a warp-capable world that practices polygamy. For example, their King has thirteen wives and 26 children. The planet is rich in resources but is mostly known as a pleasure planet where visitors can enjoy one of two experiences (another is under construction). For more information, see the wiki entry.

About Raeya Sector

Other systems within the sector are rich in minerals and resources and have many habitable worlds available for colonization. Also within the sector is the Fourth of July Nebula. Several star systems have formed inside the nebula and have become a hiding place for pirates and other hostile forces. The Epatha Gateway, a transwarp gate which serves as an entrance to the Delta Quadrant, was discovered here in 2388.

On the edge of the Raeya System lies the Badlands, an area of space that contains plasma storms and relatively large gravitational anomalies. Although similar to the Alpha Quadrant Badlands, the Raeya Sector badlands aren't nearly as dense or as volatile although most ships still avoid the area.