Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?

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A Ferengi delegation arrives at Faltan Station to begin talks with the Caerus Mining Company about a lucrative deuterium deal. But is that the real reason why the Ferengi are on Faltan?

Mission 4 - A New Home

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Faltan has to move from the planet to the new Starbase.

History Speaks

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History related posts from our characters, that are not directly mission related.

Mission 3.5 Faltan proudly welcomes ... The USS Kumari

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Faltan Station proudly welcomes any who wish to dock up and visit us. In here are the posts of those visits.

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Mission 1: The Return to Faltan

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Starfleet has lost contact with the administration team that was left behind on Faltan Station. Captain Refelian has been ordered to restore the Station to its former glory and find out what has happened to the team that was left behind.

A frosty reception from the Faltan Government could hamper Refelian’s work before it has even begun.

Mission 2: Into The Breach

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Faltan Station receives a garbled distress call from one of its support vessels on the edge of the Faltan system. Captain Refelian sends a team to investigate, but what they find could destroy the entire system.