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Lieutenant Tyler Lockley

Name Tyler Lockley

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 159lbs
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tyler is tall and muscular, although quite slim at the same time. He is sometimes described as athletic, and has short ginger hair.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Peter Lockley (CO - USS Kenworth)
Mother Amanda Lockley (XO - USS Kenworth)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Uncle - Lee Lockley - Chief Engineer USS Calcot

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tyler is a very approachable person, and a hard worker. He can often be found patrolling the base, both on and off duty, and is frequently seen doing extra shifts due to the demand on the Security Teams. He is also trained in medical aid, having completed his first year studying for medical before transferring to Security. Outside of work Tyler is usually relaxing in his quarters or on the holodeck, running one of his programs.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Tall, Friendly and Strong. Tyler often helps with heavy loads, or reaching high places that others have trouble with. He also like to talk a lot which helps with de-escalating situations.
Ambitions Tyler is quite happy where he is, however he does wish to return to Starfleet Academy and complete his Medical Degree to give him some extra skills.
Hobbies & Interests Tyler is interested in both Security and Medical, and enjoys training in both on his time on and off the job. As well as this he has a hobby of completing holo-programs on the holodeck that replay battles of earths history.

Personal History Tyler was born on earth, in the small town of Windsor in England. He was born to his parents, both long time starfleet officers, who had taken a break from starship life to start a family. He grew up attending the local school, keeping mostly to himself, although having a close group of friends where he was able to come out of his shell. Moving to Secondary School he started to come out of his shell more, making friends with most of his fellow pupils. He passed his exams with flying colours, as well as completing his 2 years of sixth form, again passing with flying colours, and earning himself an immediate admittance to Starfleet Academy. He chose to study Medical for his first year, however decided to switch to Security after this first year as he felt it would more suit his style at the time.

He passed his years studying security with ease, and also completed courses in Command and Tactical as well. He then transferred to the USS Kenworth as an Ensign, serving under Commander Ben Garrett. During his time here he learned alot of new skills and information from his superior that would help him during his career, and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade towards the end of his time onboard. He was recomended by Garrett to apply for an assistant chief position, and originally applied to stay on the Kenworth, but was passed over for this opportunity with a more experience candidate. He instead applied for a new vessel, the USS Kenworth which was just about to leave the starbase. He was accepted and transferred over within a week. During his time onboard the ship was sent to many dangerous situations, being more of a battlecruiser than an exploration ship, and he found himself in the thick of the fight on more than one occasion. He made a strong bond with his Chief of Security, James, and saved him on occasion, earning him the Medal of Honour.

He remained onboard the Tomcat for a further 3 years, in the role of Acting Chief of Security. Being qualified for the role he was allowed to keep the role on an acting basis for longer than usual, and on the Chiefs return, he decided he liked the role and applied for a transfer to Falton Station.
Service Record 2390 - Chief Security Officer - Falton Station
2387-2390 - Server as Acting Chief of Security aboard USS Tomcat - Lieutenant
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant and awarded Medal of Honour for the repelling of boarders and rescue of Chief Security Officer James Thompson who had been seriously wounded.
2384-2386 - Transferred to USS Tomcat - Assistant Chief of Security - Lt Junior Grade
2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2382-2384 - Security Officer - USS Kenworth - Ensign
2378-2382 - Studied at Starfleet Academy, Passing Security and Command Training with a Distinction. Also completed Year 1 Medical Training.
2360 - Born