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Ensign L'Nari

Name L'Nari

Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description L'Nari would, by humanoid standards, be considered pleasing to the eye with soft reddish brown fur, ample curve and tone to her figure earned through swimming and strict maintenance of her diet and exercise. Her mane can usually be found neatly tied up into anywhere from one to three ponytails when on duty and streaming down to the top of her middle back when off. (Some have jokingly claimed that the more stressed she is, the more ponytails she ties her mane into. She prefers to simply smile without confirming or denying the veracity of these claims.) She can usually be found in some kind of loose-fitting outfit and barefoot when off duty, claiming that having her paw pads on the ground lets her walk better.

She speaks with a soft, sensual purring quality that most people find pleasant on their ears.


Spouse None
Children None
Father K'Tirr (deceased)
Mother M'Rriva
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Several cousins resident on Cait. One of her aunts lives on Risa, where she is married to a Risan local.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laid back, sociable and always willing to listen (or appear to be listening, at least) L'Nari usually comes off as likeable to most. Nice and easy is her usual mode of operation, at least until things go south, at which point she shifts to laser focus on navigating her crew (or herself, usually) out of danger. She's keen aware at all times that whenever she sits down at the helm of any craft she has a responsibility to all its occupants to keep them all safe and sound and she treats it very, very seriously indeed.

You'll never hear the words 'I can't do it' escape her chops. She knows firsthand that anything is possible through hard work, determination and sometimes the correct circumstances, and she'll readily offer support to anyone who finds themself in seemingly hopeless circumstances. Sometimes this includes having to hold their hand and drag them to the proverbial starting line or evem for the first few steps to getting themselves to a better place.

Speaking of lasers, please don't treat her like a Terran cat on two paws. She finds it deeply offensive whenever people shine a laser pointer her way or throw her a ball of string expecting her to play with it or display any other behavior commonly associated with domestic Terran cats.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Dedicated to her duties
+/- Careful, precise pilot
+ Will instantly sober up in the face of danger or stress

-/+ Laid back
- Continues to suffer from the occasional nightmare of her father's death
-/+ Fiercely passionate about helping others who seem to have given up in the face of something impossible, often to the detriment of her own well-being
Ambitions * Fly a combat craft someday
* Settle down with a family of her own, with no more than two kits. Or adopted children, whichever happens.
Hobbies & Interests * Swimming
* Caitian contemporary dance (though she's not the best at it)
* Cooking - but she's not very good at any other dish other than Caitian dishes. She's learning, though!

Personal History L'Nari had the fortune, or perhaps misfortune, of being born in the Caitian city of Lirr'kip, the shuttle racing capital of Cait. That was how her parents initially met, in fact, with her father as a professional racer of reasonable repute and piloting instructor and her mother a mechanic who serviced shuttles for a living and often provided services for her husband's driving school.

It was this heritage that prompted many to believe that, like her father, L'Nari would chase greatness on the racing track one day. The young kit would often receive playful teasing about it, in fact, from relatives and peers alike, which she took in stride. She didn't think becoming someone like her father sounded all that bad, really, and she liked the idea of zooming past people in shuttles.

Things started well enough. She enrolled in her father's piloting school as soon as she was old enough and began her training to satisfactory results and generally positive comments from her instructors, though those same instructors also noted that her improvement was somewhat slower than that of her peers', to her father's concern. He believed, however, that given enough practice she would make a fine pilot one day, with enough practice. After all everyone's growth occurred at different speeds.

He would never get to see the day she finally did reach that point.

He did, however, get to see her numerous piloting test fails, all in succession. The first was a soft blow at best, but as her failures built up to her fourth failure in a row and seventh remedial training session with her exasperated instructors the young woman decided to throw in the towel having decided that she simply wasn't meant to be a pilot after all, to the disappointment of her father and all who'd placed much hope and prayer in her to succeed. She relegated herself to watching her father take part in races instead, offering support from the stands from among the crowd.

She would, sadly, be present to see him race his last.

Like the rest of the audience in the spectator stands L'Nari and her mother had turned up expecting an exhilarating show, seeing as it was one of the final races in the entire championship series with a considerable prize at stake. The atmosphere was alive with energy and thrummed with the excited cries of adoring fans as the racers were flagged off. All went well for seven exhilarating laps. On the eighth, however, was when disaster struck. The lead racer lost control of his shuttle entirely, sending the craft pinwheeling backward into the racers behind him and sending them flying. She and her mother were forced to watch in horror as her father's shuttle collided with it, destroying both shuttlecraft in a spectacular orange fireball as their impulse engines exploded. Neither pilot survived the accident. Several other racers failed to avoid the accident and were caught in its wake, leaving a single shuttle to avoid the resulting pileup and cruise through the finishing line unchallenged and forgotten by the chaos behind them.

L'Nari was never the same after her father's death. Now that he was gone she felt even more like a discredit to his legacy than before. Her mother was similarly shaken and, determined to make sure that the horrible accident that had befallen her mate would never find her daughter, forbid her from piloting ever again.

It would be several months later during K'Tirrah's tertiary studies that Starfleet personnel came to her school as part of a recruitment program. The young woman was fascinated by stories of their adventures among the stars, exploring the wider universe, so much so that by the time they'd left campus she was determined to pursue a career with them. The only problem? She hadn't the faintest idea what she would pursue as a career even so. She wasn't the most gifted when it came to subjects such as science and engineering and the like; all she had was the endless hours of piloting experience she'd accumulated over the course of her training, and… oh wait. Now there was an idea.

Her mother was livid when L'Nari expressed her desire to become a Starfleet pilot. To her she'd just lost her mate to a shuttle accident, and now her daughter wanted to throw herself into danger several times bigger? No matter how much she tried to (passionately) dissuade her daughter from embarking on this path it became increasingly obvious that her mind was set. So intense were the arguments between mother and daughter that the the latter travelled to the spaceport alone, and both haven't been on speaking terms ever since.

Mercifully few people at Starfleet Academy were able to draw a connection from her to her father, allowing L'Nari to train and study in peace. Her instructors regularly noted that she seemed to be far more adept with the handling of a shuttle, both holographic and real, than most of her peers. She never entertained those remarks, disclosing her previous piloting experience only when asked to. Her past failures did not define her.

She took up swimming as an ECA, smugly shrugging off the countless jokes about cats and water thrown her way. She liked to think of swimming as piloting herself through water, but even more relaxing. She would go on to represent the Academy at four separate Earth-based competitions during her time as a cadet.

The biggest obstacle in her path, however, would be her Academy administered ground-based piloting test. To say that L'Nari had butterflies in her belly in the weeks leading up to the test was something of an understatement. After all it was her first test in a long, long time, especially after her chain of failures. Her butterflies continued right up till the day of her test, when she sat behind the controls of an actual shuttle with her examiner seated in the passenger's seat, pulled out of the Academy's training circuit… and passed half an hour later, to the delight of her tester.

It was at this point that she decided that nothing could truly stop her from achieving what she wanted. L'Nari worked very, very hard for the rest of her training, passing her space-based flight test handsomely and on her first attempt. She would go on to graduate and commission along with all her peers; most of her remaining family attended the ceremony. Once again her mother was notably absent.
Service Record N/A