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Lieutenant Marcus Alexander

Name Marcus Lee Alexander MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 180
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Marcus is a tall and thin humanoid male with a slightly muscular torso. He has always been a runner and seems to keep that physique. He keeps his hair cut short in almost a crewcut. He usually has a thin beard. His hazel eyes are an unique characteristic for his family. Marcus has always been one to greet you with a smile.


Father Xavier Alexander
Mother Marcia Alexander
Brother(s) Captain Matthew Alexander, Commanding Officer, USS Caelian
Lt. Cmdr. Dastan Alexander, First Officer, USS Shanghai, MIA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marcus was born into Starfleet and has made it his family. It was easy for him to make friends on the various assignments of his father. Even though he is career focused, he still makes time for his friends and family.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Loyalty: He was part of a big family and as a result is loyal to his friends, family, and crew mates.
- Intelligence: Though he was just above average in Starfleet Academy, he excelled in medical school. He is a quick learner and thinker.

-Arrogancy - Being considered one of the best trauma physicians in Starfleet, Marcus has been know not to listen to other doctors.
Ambitions Marcus was once concerned with rank but in recent years, his only ambition is to be the best doctor possible.
Hobbies & Interests - Reading: Expanding his knowledge by exploring a good book
- Soccer: One of the few sports that he and his brothers played together.
- Martial arts: He has become a master of mixed martial arts as well as several Klingon forms of combat.

Personal History Early Life
Marcus grew up in the town of Cardiff, UK on Earth. His family traveled across the Federation because of his father’s various Starfleet assignments. Second born son of a Starfleet Admiral and civilian medical physician. His family spent years moving from various Starfleet assignments. When the Dominion War broke out, the Alexander family was broken apart. Rear Admiral Alexander was assigned to the Cardassian Front as adjunct to Admiral Ross. Marcia and the children, against her husband’s wishes, were near the front lines working for medical relief. Marcus was 13 when the war began. He saw first hand the audacities of war which lead to him focusing on a career in medicine. After the war, the Alexander family spent time at various locations throughout the Federation which included Korvat near the Klingon border and Raeya 3 in the Raeya Sector Block.

Joining Starfleet
Marcus followed in both of his parents footsteps. He was accepted into Starfleet Academy and soon knew the medical services were his passion. Marcus trained while in his early days at the academy as a combat medic specialist. After graduation, Marcus was assigned to multiple search and rescue missions along the Federation border. He performed in para-rescue missions as well as relief missions. After two years Marcus quickly moved up through the ranks. Marcus's mother convinced him to continue his medical training to become a medical doctor. Marcus then spent the next few years following his mother's advice while serving at Starbase 12. Marcus excelled in medical school and graduated top of his class, specializing in trauma services. He then served as a Junior Medical Officer at the Starbase.

Marcus's superiors noticed that he surpassed most of his peers in skills. Many attributed to his previous service as a combat medic. Marcus, growing bored with the monotonous life on a starbase requested a transfer to the front lines. With many recommendations, Marcus transferred to the USS Polaris as a medical officer on the ship mission for deep space exploration.

USS Columbia
Marcus accepted a position of Chief Medical Officer on the USS Columbia. The USS Columbia was set for deep space assignment in the Delta Quadrant. Marcus had look forward to exploring and getting to practice frontier medicine. That ship was destined for disaster. A chameloid infiltrated the Columbia with plans to steal some of its testbed technology. The infiltrator was able to plant a bomb and denotate it in the Raeya Sector Corridor. Several of the senior officers were killed in the explosion. In the chaos, the infiltrator was able to escape in a shuttle. Overwhelmed in sickbay with the aftermath of the explosion, Marcus's skills were put to the test. More disaster struck as the commanding officer pursued the infiltrator. The Columbia was severally damaged in a fire fight with several pirate warships. Unknown to Marcus, his commanding officer had been intoxicated the entire time of the incident. He always wondered if he had missed something in his interactions with the Captain that might have prevented the incident. The Columbia returned to drydock for repairs. Marcus requested a transfer to another assignment.

USS Nogura
Marcus was then assigned to the USS Nogura, a Sovereign class starship exploring the Alpha Quadrant beyond Deep Space 12. The majority of the assignment involved empty space or brief incursions from the Breen Confederacy that was until late 2388 when the crew of the Nogura discovered a Borg transwarp conduit. Marcus and 3 other crew members took a shuttle and traveled into the conduit. They discovered a horror waiting for them on the other side. A Borg invasion fleet was amassing on the other side. They returned to the Nogura just in time. Some of the Borg had followed them back. The Nogura was able to destroy the transwarp hub, but took severe damage in the battle which required her to return to drydock. Marcus's best friend was the Chief Operations Officer who died on the shuttle with the conflict with the Borg.

Leave of Absence
Following his assignment on the Nogura, Marcus took a leave of absence from Starfleet. He joined a medical relief mission along the Romulan Neutral Zone helping Romulans displaced by the Hobus Supernova. His current whereabouts are known.
Service Record 2376 – Graduated Starfleet Academy 17th of 236
2376 – Graduated University of St. Andrews School of Medicine 1st of 88
2376 - 2380 – Starbase 12 – Medical Officer
2380 - 2381 – USS Columbia – Chief Medical Officer
2381 - 2385 – USS Nogura – Chief Medical Officer
2385 - 2387 - Starbase 349 - Chief Medical Officer
2387 - Present - LOA