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Lieutenant Bradley Damon

Name Bradley Damon

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 197 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Young, outgoing and full of life, Judge has an charismatic appeal about him. His body is fit and toned. He draws looks from men and women alike.


Father Robert
Mother Caroline
Brother(s) Spenser
Sister(s) Eliza

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing personality. Loves to spend time socializing with his fellow crew. Enjoys flirting with the women on board.
Enjoys playing poker. Always tried to arrange weekly poker games with his crewmates. Always tries to get an invite if the senior staff plays.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Dedication to his job...would sacrifice everything to save the captain, crew and the ship.

Weaknesses: Over the years. has worked hard to eliminate all weaknesses from his life, like swimming, heights and spiders.
Ambitions To live each day to do his best.

If the crew survives an enemy encounter, that's a good day.

Would like one day to command his own ship.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to play poker.
Tries to read a different book every week...subject matter can vary.
Exercises constantly. Weight training, aerobics, swimming, rock climbing. Has started studying Vulcan martial art Suus Mahna, and Klingon Mok'bara, as well as Terran martial arts, judo, karate and kung fu.
Has been training with the Vulcan Lipra and Ahn-woon, as well as the Klingon Bat'Leth, D'k Tahg and Qis. Recently has incorporated the Romulan Llrekh-ae'rl into his training.

Personal History Bradley Damon was born on August 26th, 2360, to parents Robert and Caroline Damon. Robert is the Federation ambassador to Vulcan.
Three years after Bradley was born, his bother Spenser was born, ad two years after that, his sister Eliza arrived.
For the first 10 years of his life, schooling took up all of his time.
By age 11, Bradley was sent to the new Federation school that had been setup on the planet, a joint Earth/Vulcan project. All families of ambassadors assigned to Vulcan were welcomed.
Bradley met the Vulcan ambassadors children, son V'Lis and daughter T'Sak. And he also made the acquaintance of the Klingon ambassador's eldest son, J'gorr.
Within a short time, the four of them were....the phrase is "as thick as thieves."
Both V'Lis and J'gorr started teaching Bradley some basics of Vulcan and Klingon fighting techniques, both hand to hand and weapons.
Bradley was a quick study and quickly took to both disciplines.
Wrestling was at first, something to kill the boredom, But as he gained confidence in himself, he started challenging older boys to matches. At first he lost many, but quickly started winning.
While they weren't into a lot of mischief, they did manage to get themselves into a lot of trouble. One time, they decided to go camping...and neglected to tell their families. When they didn't return home that night, a search party was formed and the children were discovered the next day, unharmed and laughing if nothing was wrong.
For their punishment, they were not allowed to see each other for one week.
Once they were together again, things were back to normal.
As Bradley matured, he grew more handsome, and he suddenly found himself the attention of many females...human and non-human.
By the time Bradley was 15, and T'Sak was 14, in Earth years, they discovered a mutual attraction. And one night, they were caught in a rather delicate situation.
T'Sak's father forbid her from seeing Bradley again and sent her off to the Vulcan equivalent of an all girl's school.
Bradley was shipped back to Earth to live with an aunt.
When Bradley turned 17, he had enough school credits to enter Starfleet Academy
Service Record 2377: Bradley Damon entered Starfleet Academy, studying security and tactical specialties.
2378: Wins the Academy wrestling championship.
2379: Leads the Academy MMA team to the finals.
2381: Graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy.
2382: Achieved a doctorate from Starfleet Academy for security and tactical studies.
2382: Assigned to USS Oxford, rank ensign, and assigned to the security and tactical division.
2383: For outstanding work aboard ship, Ensign Damon is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2385: Lieutenant JG Damon is assigned as assistant security/tactical chief aboard the USS Oxford.
2386: Promoted to Lieutenant.
2382-2388: Served aboard USS Oxford.

2388: Reassigned to Faltan Station as Security/Tactical Chief.