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Lieutenant Kylean Amidok

Name Kylean Amidok MD, PhD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11" (~ 1.8034 Meters)
Weight 195 pounds (~ 88.45 kg)
Hair Color Black/Graying
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Rather plain in appearance, taking more after his father than his mother, however one could clearly see both of them in him. He often takes long walks alone. He is never really overwhelmed by the thoughts of others, he just prefers the solitude and quiet he can find out in the woods or along a peaceful river or stream. He is of average height and build. At his last physical, his doctor warned him about gaining weight, as he had added about 8 pounds since his last annual checkup nearly 11 months before. He figured it was all just part of getting older and wiser. He did exercise, if one could count long walks as exercise, however he did not regularly visit any of the gym facilities available at any of the places he'd been stationed on. Nor did he attempt to use exercise programs on any of the available holodecks on ships and stations he was assigned to.

He wasn't fat, and he personally felt the extra few pounds made his face and shoulders look fuller and more rounded, rather than the almost gaunt look he had on his face prior to gaining those 8 pounds. Kylean has a very warm, sincere and gentle smile. It was enough to make some of the female students, doctors and technicians who worked with him swoon over him. Little did they know he was not interested in girls. There were a few men around him he found to be slightly attractive, but none that really screamed out to him. He hid that part of him from everyone he could. He was very, very worried about his sexual preference being found out. Of course no one in the medical community, or anywhere else for that matter, even cared if he was gay. In this time period, there was nothing but full acceptance for people of all types, orientations, and preferences, so long as those preferences did not spark a hint of danger to others.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kenner Amidok (Deceased)
Mother Kaldea Rhavia-Amidok (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family No extended family remain. Both of his parents were single children, and all but one of his grandparents died before he was born. The last surviving grandparent was killed in the same accident which took his parent's lives. Having no aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, or anyone else to claim as a close relative made him feel very lonely and isolated, even when he was surrounded by people he cared deeply for as friends, some of whom he also grew to dearly love as kindred spirits.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Major studies in Immunology, Virology, Infectious Diseases and also in General Surgery.

Very kind, compassionate and friendly. He isn't very outgoing during his off-duty time. For ethical reasons, he purposely closes his empathic skills when dealing with patients, unless they give him consent to probe their thoughts. This does not include when dealing with patients who are unconscious or otherwise are unable to give direct consent. He also tries to block his empathic skills when dealing with men he finds attractive, as he feels it to be a violation of their right to privacy, and does not wish to initiate a relationship based on knowledge he garnered from the private thoughts of other people.

Federation Standard, Romulan, some Old Raeyani

Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
Strong analytical and interpersonal skills. A natural born leader. Very humble and soft spoken, often mistaken for being shy. Prefers to lead by example, and will go out of his way if an opportunity to teach someone a new skill presents itself.

Still strongly grieves the loss of his parents. Due to his soft spoken nature, his presence is often completely overlooked by those who are not familiar with him. No family ties to fall back on when he feels down. Very subconscious about being gay, and is not open about it outside of the empath community (he cannot completely block out his thoughts on the matter, especially around an empath he may find attractive). His biggest fear is losing credibility as a leader in his field due to his sexual preference.

Dealing with loss. Does not like to speak about his personal past, except for that relating to his medical research and work. Has a hard time making close interpersonal connections outside of work related relationships. Doubts he will ever find someone to really love, and to be loved back just as strongly.
Ambitions Desires the possibility of commanding a Starfleet Medical ship and eventually serving on Earth as a member of the Admiralty at Starfleet Medical Command.
Hobbies & Interests During his time off-duty, Kylean loves performing trick maneuvers aboard a shuttlecraft, quite similar to the acrobatic displays pilots used to do in aerial combat during the world wars of the early to mid-20th century. He found the quick rolles and turns to be quite stimulating. Often, he'd turn down the safety limits built into the onboard inertial dampeners to allow him to feel the effects of the added gravitational and torsional forces to slam him back further in his pilot's chair while doing stunts like barrel roles, loop-de-loops and other such exciting moves. Sometimes he'd even talk one of his fellow doctors into joining him in his almost juvenile and cavalier adventures at the controls of a shuttlecraft.

Personal History Kylean Amidok was born on Betazed as the only child of two very loving and giving parents.  His early life, as with most Betazoid children, was spent without his ability to read thoughts or feelings, beyond those given off in voice inflection or body language.  As he neared adolescence, he started developing the ability to use telepathy and empathy.  Being a full blood Betazoid child, he was able to develop complete telepathic abilities.  As he grew into his teen years, he learned how to tune out his perceptive skills in order to challenge himself to become a better student in school, both on Betazed and then in the Academy.

Originally, Kylean was interested in pursuing Engineering as his career track in and after the Academy, however it became very clear early in his time at the Academy his talents were best suited for either a science or medical application. After a great deal of reflection on the matter, he finally chose to pursue medicine in after his time at Starfleet Academy.  After graduating the Academy, Kylean chose to continue his medical training on Vulcan.  He received high marks for his work, and went on to specialize in virology, infectious diseases, and general surgery.  Upon graduation from medical school, he landed his first posting as an Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the Luna Class USS Bainbridge.  He held the position for 3 years before the Chief Medical Officer was promoted out to a larger vessel.  Kylean was appointed as his replacement.  Dr Amidok would serve another 2 years aboard the Bainbridge before being transferred to Starbase 22 as the Chief of Infectious Disease Studies.

While serving on Starbase 22, he played a pivotal role in solving viral infections plaguing several planets, not just in the assigned sector, but in several other systems as well.  His work would eventually see him nominated for the Vulcan Order of Science, the Original Thinking Award, the Distinguished Service Medal, and several Letter's of Commendation.  While he would go on to receive the commendations, the other nominations were declined.  He harbored no ill feelings for being slighted, however he did rejoice in seeing several other members of the team receiving individual medals as well.

After 3 years working on Starbase 22, he suffered personal tragedy when both of his parents were killed in a shuttle accident.  Being especially close to his father, the loss devastated the seasoned doctor.  His grief was so deep, he considered resigning his commission as he felt he could no longer engage in his duties without being overcome by his loss.  Instead, he took a 1 year leave-of-absence from Starfleet in order to undergo intensive counseling to help deal with his emotional trauma.

Upon returning from his leave, he took an assignment at the Starfleet Medical Institute of Immunological Studies on Starbase 104 as the Assistant Director of Virological Research.  He quickly rose to be known as a leading researcher in the field of virology and infectious diseases among his colleagues in the Starfleet Medical and the private interplanetary science communities as well.  As he approached his 40th birthday, he received a transfer order to serve as a Medical Officer at Faltan Station as the chief research investigator for several mysterious viral and fungal plagues affecting several systems in the Raeyan Sector and the surrounding regions.  While he initially felt somewhat overwhelmed with the assigned level of responsibility, he knew his life's training, work and experience made him a natural choice for the position.  Having no close family ties to anyone, he would leave no relative connections, but would dearly miss the team he had worked so closely with while at Starbase 104.