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Petty Officer 1st Class Grace Hudson

Name Grace Hudson

Position Head Nurse

Second Position Field Medic

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Red/Ginger
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Grace is an attractive young woman who unlike other Betazoids, has long/gingery red hair and blue eyes. She has scars from old burns covering the entirety of her back, something she tries hard to keep hidden.


Spouse Tristian Hudson
Children Xander Hudson
Expecting Twins
Father Jonathon Wilde
Mother Deanna Wilde
Brother(s) Jason Wilde
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various extended family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Grace is a genuinely friendly person, she's a dedicated nurse and is always happy to help. Grace has always wanted children and she’s looking forward to being a mother.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Telepathic & Empathic
- Trained Field Medic
- Honest and Open
- Strong Willed
- Friendly

- Suffers from nightmares about how she got burnt
Ambitions To be the best nurse and Starfleet Officer she can be. To be a dedicated wife to her husband Tristian and to be a good mother to their child.
Hobbies & Interests - Reading
- Watching movies
- Collecting souvenirs from places she's visited
- Loves to learn new things

Personal History Grace was born on Earth in 2362 her mother and father were both Starfleet Officers. They were a close family until one night after Grace’s 8th birthday when her parents ship disappeared. With no other relatives except her brother Jason, the two were raised by a foster family in the care of Starfleet.

Once she was old enough Grace made the decision to join Starfleet, going via the enlisted route. She enrolled at Starfleet Academy finding it hard at first but she pushed herself to achieve and achieve she did. She graduated the Academy with distinction.

She is a talented young woman with skills in multiple departments thanks to her foster family but she has chosen to be in the medical profession. She is a fully qualified field medic to be a capable backup to any doctor when out in the field.

Grace first met her future husband Tristan at the Academy, they were both in the same joining group and shared many of the same classes, as they both had an interest in being medical professionals. Upon graduation from the Academy they were sent their separate ways before eventually meeting up again aboard the USS Ticonderoga.

It was during her time aboard the USS Pike that Grace was severely burned when she made the conscious decision to try and save a crew member trapped by an explosion. She earned herself a commendation for bravery but almost lost her own life in the process. Her whole back is covered in burns, she still has a lot of work to have done.

Grace recently married her boyfriend Tristian, they have a son named Xander and they are now expecting twins.
Service Record 2380-2384 Starfleet Academy
2384-2385 Starfleet Medical (Trainee Nurse)
2385-2387 USS Pike (Nurse/Field Medic)
2387-2389 USS Ticonderoga (Nurse/Field Medic)
2389 - Transferred to Faltan Station