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July Update

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 6:23am by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim

Hi all, Well here we are again. Here’s an update on where we stand.


We currently have;
7 players
10 playing characters (some of us have multiple characters)
9 npcs

We have 1 player whose ELOA.

There have been 2 removals due to lack of posting over a long period of time, with one further person pending.


No major changes. Any suggestions feel free. I have been picking beeman’s (Vice Admiral Banda) brain for some help with the site as he’s the one that maintains all the hard stuff around here. I’m a total newbie to website management.


I haven’t done count this time as posting has understandably been slow. Stuart and I are always up for jps with any of your characters so feel free to drop us posts to work on.

Posts don't need to be mission based, the beauty of being on a station is there's plenty of scope for posts.

Mission Recap

Santa Claus is back with plans to see us off station, what's he up to?

Also if anyone is interested in suggesting a mission or wants to run a plot feel free to let us know, I’ll make sure you earn the rewards for it.


If anyone has any ideas, or knows anyone who'd be interested in making this station great again please let them and/or us know! Input and new members are always welcome!!


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