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The long wait

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2020 @ 4:53pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Lieutenant JG Tomer Chaim

Mission: History Speaks
Location: Sickbay - private room
Timeline: Mission Day 6 at 0130


- Flashback Time! -

The time had come, Kara had fortunately gone in labour whilst Tomer was at home so at least she hadn’t been alone. Now they were in a private room off to the side of Sickbay, it was all a waiting game now and Kara wasn’t liking it one little bit. With being in the early stages of labour she wanted to be up and about, the nurse popped in and out checking on her every now and again but most of the time it was just Tomer and herself. “How can anything take so long!!” She paused pacing to lean on the bed as more labour pains came and went.

Tomer moved up to his wife and held her from behind. "You know how captains are. They keep everyone waiting. Besides, isn't it true that good things come to those who wait?" He gave her a humored giggle. "But you know, Spots, if you weren't so darn sexy, we would not be in this predicament."

“Well you were curious as to how far my spots went!” She gave Tomer a wry grin. “You found out that ... and so much more besides.”

"You could have said no," Tomer replied with a snicker. "So, I blame you." He stuck his tongue out at his wife.

“Just you wait!!” She paused talking as another contraction took her breath away. “I don’t like this Tomer!” She looked to her husband for his unwavering support. “I just want it over with!!”

"I'm sure that our little Captain will be out in due time." He held her hand lovingly. "Are the contractions getting closer together? I should probably be keeping track of them, shouldn't I?"

“You think!” Kara looked at Tomer. “I’ve lost track, all I know is that I want this part over with!!” She moved to start pacing again, it seemed to calm her nerves when she was mobile and able to walk around. “So did we settle on the name Briana in the end?”

"I like that name, don't you?" he asked his wife, squeezing her hand lovingly as she paced. "Tell me when you have your next one and I'll try to remember to time it this time rather than just staring at my beautiful future mother of our child."

Kara couldn’t help but stop pacing and smile at her husband. “You can stare all you like whilst you’re looking at me like that.” She sighed. “You know ... this was the part of being pregnant I was always afraid of! I just never said anything because I didn’t want to worry you!”

"Worry me? Over what? Something that women have been doing for untold millennia? I am more concerned about the pain that you are going through, not that there is much more that I can do but to hold your hand...."

“Just don’t stop holding ... please don’t ever stop holding!” Kara gave her husband a tired smile. “I’m so tired and this hasn’t even truly begun yet!”

"I won't stop holding you. Not ever," Tomer promised. "And, our little Captain, well, she already is giving you orders and wearing you out, eh? Better start ordering her about before she gets ideas!" He chuckled.

Kara nodded and gave Tomer a look that said start timing, “I think ... the time is getting closer!”

"Do you want me to call the nurse? The doctor?" Tomer asked, some concern in his eyes. However, he dared not to let go of his wife's hand.

Kara nodded. “I think you should, something doesn’t feel right!” She looked at her husband concernedly. “Hurry Tomer!”

Tomer did not like the sound of that. He told Kara, "You stay right there. I'll be right back, I promise." He ran off in search of the doctor.

While Tomer looked composed, his eyes were dilated wide as his voice told the doctor. "Kara's in trouble. She doesn't think something is right. You need to take a look her now." His eyes begged as his voice dropped, "please."

A few minutes and thorough examination later Kara was being whisked away from her husband’s side, the birth taking a whole new complicated turn as they were faced with an emergency Caesarian.

Tomer did not like being left alone. Certainly, he was used to working separately but being forcibly separated from his wife during what should have been the greatest time of their life was disconcerting at best. What could he do? He did not know but right now, he stood around looking and feeling very lost and confused.

“Tomer ... quickly!” A nurse waved him across. “Put on this gown and come with me, you can support your wife she needs you.”

Tomer did as he was told. A transporter could not have put the gown on him faster. He rushed into the room with the nurse.

Tristian entered the bio surgical suite of the sick bay. "I am sorry about my delay, the Doctor is in!" Tristian looked sincerely tired. He had just finished overseeing a local patient's cardiac issues in the next suite over.

"We are going to do a C-Section as you are already aware." The nurses have been prepping Kara's belly with brown disinfectant dye over it. "We need you to be awake for some portion of the birth Kara. Your husband will be here at your side, everything is looking fine on the baby's charts at this time." Doctor Hudson checked the stats in real time on the monitors showing that the baby wasn't exactly accepting the standard birth canal, having his/her head turned in the opposite direction. Not a huge concern, just one that would involve a C-section to rectify.

Setting up a privacy netting, so Kara would not be able to see the resection insertions, only the Doctor and the nurses was set up. "Kara, I want you to now hold your contractions as best you can, you have done very very well Kara. Now I need to you to relax, I am going to give you a small dose of sedative to help you feel no pain. This will be very comfortable, and slow down any contractions." He stressed.

The nurses around Kara held on to her hand for Support, along with Tomer at her side. "Mr. Chaim, the baby will be resected and then placed into a temporary phase angiogram of his/her vitals."

Kara simply nodded as she looked at Tomer then back at Tristian.

Tomer was not a weak man. He had seen many a person's innards through the course of defending ships and combat training. However, the idea of watching his wife opened up was unappealing. "Just make sure that they both come through this, Doctor. All I care about is that Kara and that little girl inside her are going to make it."

"I'm applying the sedative now Kara, you will relax more and feel less contraction urges. This is normal." He stressed.

Kara nodded. “I understand”

"Nurse," Tristian held out his hands and body as they had suited him for the surgery. The privacy netting in place, he now checked Kara's and the baby's heart rates. Kara's was heightened, now slowing down which was normal after the sedative and less pushing. The baby's heart rate was holding firm and steady. "Looks good. I am ready to begin the resection.." He had begun to slice in to Kara's belly and the womb gently and methodically. With the precision instruments he had located the Child, and ever so gently begun to extract the child from the mothers womb. The nurses at the side both held out towels and had taken the baby. As Doctor Hudson then snipped the umbilical's cord, and sutured the baby with an inner style button.

"We have a baby girl" Tristian smiled beneath his mask, as he had the nurse then take their newborn directly to Kara and Tomer up, on the other side of the privacy net. It was at this time, Doctor Hudson then had used laser suturing to secure the womb and then the abdominal plexus together. And then re-generating protective dermal sheathing to help with the healing process.

Kara smiled happily even though there were tears running down her cheeks. “She’s beautiful Tomer!” She looked at Tristian. “Thank you Doctor!”

Tomer replied matter-of-factly, "Of course she's beautiful. She has you as a mother." He then looked at his girl and complained, "Typical Captain, making things difficult on everyone. Can't do anything run of the mill."

Kara in the meantime had slowly drifted off, exhausted by the whole experience. She lay sleeping peacefully.

"Is she drugged?" Tomer asked the doctor, noticing his wife had fallen asleep.

Tristian felt the concern that Tomer was experiencing. "Kara has some sedatives in her system which will remain for a half life of the medications. Yes, she is experiencing mild sleepiness at the moment, nothing to be concerned of Lieutenant Chaim... Or should I say, Dad." He smiled and clasped the man on his shoulder. "Congratulations, Sir. Fine newborn." He smiled. He was a recent father himself.

The nurses then started to take away the surgical blinders and other attachments, and then replaced them with other less obtrusive measures. "Kara will be placed in the surgical step down unit. We just want to make sure everything is perfect, as such so will your newborn." He nodded. "The pediatrics unit will be set up beside Kara's beside so you can overlook your baby girl." He smiled.

Dad? I guess I am. I like the sound of that. He beamed at the doctor, "Yes, I am a dad, aren't I?" He puffed proudly. "You're going to fix Kara right up, so she'll be as good as new, right?" he asked concerned.

"Just as perfect as can be, I assure you Lieutenant." He nodded. "You can stay as long as you like in sick bay with Kara, you've both been great guests."

"I shall leave you both to some privacy and see about bringing some lunch for you both, and a meal plan for Kara's recovery. She may be tender for a while." He nodded. The nurses doing their work at making Kara comfortable post op now.

With that, Dr. Hudson then left to go and de-scrub and change in to some comfortable clothing, as he was off duty for a few hours.



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