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So it begins

Posted on Fri Dec 4th, 2020 @ 10:40pm by Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Petty Officer 1st Class Grace Hudson

Mission: History Speaks
Location: Hudson quarters & Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0630

== March 2390, during the USS Kumari’s visit (two months after the holodeck post) ==

Grace stood in the bathroom leaning over the bathroom sink, she felt more than a little worse for wear between giving their son a late night feed and her stomach doing somersaults. Tristian had already gone to Sickbay ahead of her, a medical emergency call requiring his expertise had woken him early.

Spending a few more minutes until she felt better Grace dropped their son at the station nursery and made for Sickbay for her morning shift. She offered a smile to the clocking off night staff before walking over to Tristian’s Office.

“Knock, knock” She offered a tired smile. “Everything go okay with the .err ....” She paused feeling dizzy. “With the .... medical emergency?” She put her hand to her head before the entire room went black and she hit the deck with a resounding thump as her head hit the corner of Tristian’s desk, a small pool of blood forming under a gaping head wound.

Tristian had just finished up some medical documents, and closed his computer. "Come on in, Babe." He smiled, as he stood up from behind his desk. For a moment he paused, seeing that Grace then collapsed in front of him.

"GRACE" He called loudly, jumping over his desk, in the way as he got down to the floor. Slapping his com badge, not leaving his Wife, he placed his hand on her neck feeling her pulse. "Tristian... MEDICAL EMERGENCY... My Office!" He had called. He then reached and scooped up Grace, up off of the floor in his forearms. He then carried her out into the main sick bay, and rushing Grace to the primary bio bed and laying her down on it gently.

"I need nurses in HERE, STAT!" He called. Just then two of his nursing staff had rushed in from the Medical labs next door.

"Grace collapsed..." His mind was racing. "In my office!" He reached over, to grab the medical sensor nodule and bringing it down in place over her now limp body. She was pregnant. Ross quickly reviewing her stats from her last visit, not just two days ago. "She was fine!!!" He spoke to nobody in particular. "She complained of usual morning sickness, but nothing out of the ordinary."

"Triaging KIT, NOW!" He shouted. As the nurses had rushed through the medical supplies in their compartments near by the bio bed. Hudson literally grabbing the tricorder out of the nurses hand as his eyes furiously looked over the initialization of her body scan. "Get me soni scan, type II with a modifier node!"

"Yes, SIR!" The nearest nurse reacted.

A young medic rushed over to help seeing the blood from the head-wound on the back of Grace’s head. “We’ve got a deep laceration here!! Partial exposure of the skull.” She looked at the Nurse as she came back with Hudson’s scanner. “We need blood, get the patient hooked up Stat!” She looked at Gavin. “Concentrate on your wife and baby Doctor I’ve got this.”

Hudson could not help but be the Doctor for his Wife. He had reached around and looked in to her wound. "This needs to be sterilized here!" He frowned and grabbed a tool off of the tray, sterilizing and adding a serum to the wound. Tristian reached forward and placed his hands in to Graces, he leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead.

"I don't understand..." He swallowed, his eyes beginning to water up, unable to hold himself, his wife, his child. What was happening? "WHAT is going ON!?" He had turned to the nurses.

“Perhaps this might help doctor” One of the nurse’s held up a PADD. “The biobed sensors are reading a drop in your wife’s nutritional levels, as well as weight. The sensors are also picking up multiple readings, if I’m not mistaken your wife is expecting multiple children, going out on a limb it looks like twins!” The nurse smiled. “It’s quite possible that there’s too much demand on Grace’s system at present, I’d suggest keeping her here until she’s fully recovered and put on some of her lost weight back on.”

Tristian's face went from dread to a glimmer of hope. "Twins?" His eyes slowly lit up as he was seated beside his Wife by the biobed. Grace was still in a deep sleep due to her condition and was currently being analyzed to lose essential vitamins, acids, and protein, having caused her blackout.

Hudson then leaned across, having laid a gentle kiss, and laced his fingers into Grace's golden-red hair. "Hear that, Gracie… You're going to be a Mother of Twins." Tristian gently whispered to her ear. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry…" His hands had started to shake as he cuddled his Wife. "It’s my fault. I never noticed it.” Hudson had felt the world on him, as his beauty lay there in need.

Grace stirred. “You’ve .... got nothing .... to be sorry for.” She offered a weak smile as she looked towards Tristian holding out her hand for him to hold. “Did I .... hear the word .... twins?”

Tristian immediately took Graces hands into his, and held them gently and massaged them, warming them. He didn't want Grace to speak too much since she was now being slowly revitalized with vitamin supplements and other medications. It would take time as to not shock her body, since she had lost so much to the twins and their demand on her smaller body.

"Yes Grace." He whispered close to her. "Your a Mother of Twins. We will have a big Family. I owe everything to my Children and their Mother!" He kissed her hand. Taking a look at Grace's most recent readings her body was still very weak. "You will have to be in sick bay for a while hun. The Doctors here, and I will sleep beside you. I'm not going anywhere." He informed her gently. "How are you feeling love?"

Grace was grateful for her husband’s loving attention, she offered a weak smile. “My head aches.”

“Not surprising given how hard you hit it and resulting the head wound” The nurse smiled. “We’ll sort some pain relief for that.” She smiled and nodded to Tristian before walking away.

“I’m sorry” Grace looked at Tristian. “I kept how I felt hidden ... I didn’t want to worry you!” She sighed. “Now look what I‘ve done!”

"Not at all." Tristian grimaced at the thought that Grace had somehow done something wrong. "I don't want you to ever feel that you cannot tell me your problems." Leland continued to rub Graces hand in his, holding it a bit stronger. "I'm just thankfull, dear lord." Hudson looked upwards a moment. "That you are here and are under our care. Your not alone in this love." He held a strong willed spirit for them both.

Reaching to the side Hudson had then taken a hypo spray from one of the readying nurses at their side. "Grace. I am going to give you help for your headache and pain, this will help you rest." Tristian gently leaned in and pressed his hypo spray to her neck. "It is ok to sleep my love. Everything is ok. So is our Twins...." He smiled. "Just rest grace." He gently rubbed her forehead and sleepy eyes.

Grace smiled and let herself slowly drift off reassured by a Tristian’s words and presence.

Hudson let a sigh of relief when Grace had smiled and drifted off. While she slept recovering, Tristian's work had just begun.


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