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The exchange

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 11:36pm by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant Oliver Radrick

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Location: Hot Shots Cafe
Timeline: Mission Day 8 at 1200

Oliver watched the transporter pattern buffer successfully transfer all of the product over to Hot Shots Cafe. "The transfer was successful. You are welcome to check the log yourself." Oliver said while pulling his dress uniform down. He was somewhat self conscious about his attire. He thought perhaps he should have worn something civilian but he did not have very many fancy civilian clothes.

Livia smiled over at Oliver after confirming that the transfer was complete. "So, all this for a date...." The woman was dressed in a black skirt that ended halfway between her waist and her knees, showed off her legs and hinted at what lay beneath. She also wore a red short sleeved blouse that had a "v" neckline and showed the barest bit of her cleavage. She had consciously dressed to impress and tease. "So, tell me, do you think you're getting sufficient value for what you paid?"

"That has yet to be determined" he said with a smirk. "Now I have made a change of plans we will not be going to the holo deck. Is that alright with you?" He wanted to catch her off guard to see how she would react. He also wanted to be sure that when they were alone he would not have to worry about any Ferengi recording devices implanted in the holodeck catching him in a embarrassing situation.

Amused, Livia gave Radrick a smile. "Trying to keep me off balance, then? An interesting tactic, Lieutenant."

"Of course. Some may say I am not spontaneous but I can be quite fun." of course that was not true. He always had a motive and a plan to his actions. Every since the accident in his childhood he was always prepared. "If only you had been more prepared with the shuttle..." he said in his mind as he pushed thoughts of his late wife aside. He put in the new course set for a small asteroid belt that had a hidden bar known as the "WARP CORE". You could only get access to it using a crashed ferengi ships transporter pad. "I promise you that your going to have an interesting time." The shuttle began heading on its new course.

"I have not had a dull moment with you, yet. Though, I was wondering in your quarters if you were going to be dull. At first, that thought was winning."

"So tell me what type of things interest you" Oliver said as the shuttle continued its course. He wondered if she would make something up or actually tell him the truth.

"I've not had much of a chance in life to choose or find things that interest me. However, I do enjoy dancing and had a small career in it for a time," Livia replied, stretching the truth of where she danced.


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