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Reporting In

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020 @ 1:03am by Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Commander M'Mira

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Location: Commander's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 6 at 1430


Having had filed his medical report on the Ferengi Ambassador Nidor, Lieutenant Hudson had called for a meeting with Commander M'Mira. As he had been waiting in her receptionist room, he was then called in.

"The Commander will see you now Lieutenant." The Ensign had smiled from her desk.

"Thank you." He then nodded, before picking up his medical kit of findings.

Entering the Commander's office, he stood. "Commander, Lieutenant Hudson reporting. I have an update on our Ferengi Ambassador. It would appear he is in full health. I did not find any oddities or anomalies within his quarters. He has his standard harem with him of course." He noted with a chuckle.

M'Mira shrugged. "His harrrem was anything but standarrrd. Trill, human, and bajorrran, if I recall. Did you notice anything else about them?"

Other than their nature of being elusive, guarded, un-trusting of me being there. Then no." He shook his head taking a seat and relaxing as he reported. He felt very relaxed to speak to his Commander as she was a very open and trusting authority of this station.

"They did however, have their own set up of Ferengi computers. I am no computer specialist, but the level of hardware that was viewable from the other bedroom set up was... sizeable." He offered.

Not knowing if that meant anything or not, she considered it aloud. "Well, Ferengi do live to certain excesses, I'm told."

"So, Commander. What does Security have to say about this? Do they have any answers?" He was wondering why the investigation was taking so long.

"Because securrrity has neverrr been inforrrmed and if securrrity were to go in, that would make the Ferrrengi even more suspicious, or let them know that we suspect them of something," the Caitian explained.

"I understand Commander. However, I was speaking regarding the Santa Claus incident. Has Security figured out anything new?" He had stressed the word new.

"Sadly, no," M'Mira answered, her tail making a nasty thrash towards the floor.

"Well then." He breathed outward visibly frustrated as well. "Perhaps we could just all take a holiday and you can have some cat nip?" He questioned "And I some marijuana." He rubbed his forehead in tiredness. Lately baby Xander was causing a lot of sleepless nights.

M'Mira replied, "It would be pleasant but perrrhaps afterrr this is solved. If you come up with any ideas, let me know."

Tristian had nodded. "I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open, Commander." He then assumed that their conversation was drawing to a close for the moment. "Talk to you soon, Ma'am." He had enjoyed keeping an open communication with the Base Commander as it served many good purposes.

"You will. And I expect to see the cubs soon, too," M'Mira replied with a toothy grin.

Tristian had chuckled, and grinned in reply with a Nod. M'Mira was an endearing Commander, if not friend. He then left to check in on Sick Bay and then Grace.



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