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Adult Time (18+ Adult Content)

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020 @ 6:44am by Petty Officer 1st Class Grace Hudson & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson

Mission: History Speaks
Location: Holodeck One
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1900

OOC: this post is based in the timeline between the Christmas plot and the Kumari visit. ( approx timeframe January 2390)


[Holodeck One]
[Tropical Caribbean Beach]

The breeze of the ocean combined with the warm air of the tropics was warm enough to be refreshing to the skin. The waves in the background of the blue azure warm water invaded and receded the shoreline of white, gold soft sand.

Sitting underneath a large grove of palm trees, lush tropical greenery and sounds of far off birds. The married couple had just entered the holo-scene.

"My god, this is fantastic." Tristian had worn his pair of aviators to shield from the hot sun. Turning to Grace, she looked absolutely scandalous in her beachwear attire. There was drinks on a nearby service cart, however that's not what he was wanting at the moment...

Grace smiled the biggest smile yet as she looked at her husband. She was wearing a skimpy bikini that she knew would get him worked up from the get go. “It’s absolutely amazing!”

Tristian smiled, embracing his wife, letting his hands run down the lines of her sexy bikini. His wife had given birth to their son only a few weeks ago, and she was already stunning. She always amazed him.

Feeling the lines of Grace's bikini in candidly flossed, he let his fingers flow down her sides and to her thighs, caressing them in their softness. The sunlight was warming her already smooth golden skin.

Tristian had leaned inward and smelling his wife at her hair, groaning in her unique fresh yet flowery scent. Kissing from her ear, down to Grace's neck, and holding her by her hips. Hudson had lustily attacked his mouth and kisses to Grace's chest. Her breasts, as he removed the bikini entrapment sensually, attacking with passion and lapping Tristian's mouth, tongue around Grace's nipple, sucking it and gently biting on it. He groaned in pleasure. His other hand wrapping, pulling Grace closer to meet Tristian's wants.

Grace didn’t put up a fight, she wanted this as much as Tristian. Her fingers trailed through his hair encouraging his moves as she made sounds of enjoyable pleasure letting him know she was enjoying it too.

Tristian carried his woman in his arms fireman style to the beach. Taking Grace first off into the warm, splashing ocean waters... Having slipped off her bikini and dropping his pair of shorts on the beach, he wanted to take Grace in the ocean for foreplay. As a Doctor, he fully knew there were no contaminants within that fake ocean, all the more better since it was the holodeck.

Gently cradling down Grace down off his strong biceps into the warm waters, he held her in front of him. The crashing waves now warm, with white oxygen bubbles throughout the azure blue waving between them. He smiled in the beaming sunlight, the green palms back onshore. Slipping Grace, ever so subtly as her legs wrapped around his waist, grasping his strong large hands at her waist, and using the repetitive waves to push her onto his cock each time they had gyrated inward and then outwards. Each wave, giving an excellent thrust for Tristian forward, feeling his manhood engrossing in size taking claim to his wife in the process, leaning forward he was sucking on Graces pointed taught tits warmly, like a baby.

"UHHHh Fuck! Gracie!!!" Hudson moaned, feeling his self penetrating her in each new thrust of the ocean waves heaving them...

Grace was enthralled with the sensations her husband was giving her. It had been a while since they’d last made love thanks to having their baby and now it felt incredible! She couldn’t help but moan and make all the pleasured noises Tristian liked as she ran her fingers through his hair encouraging his enjoyment of her breasts.

Hudson grunted as he finished playing around in the water with Grace, carrying her out of the water and then on to the beach. Awaiting them was a nice large beach towel set out around the warm sand, and palm trees above.

Hudson sat down on the towel first. He had accepted Grace sitting on his large, strong lap muscles, now both wet, as Tristian reached around Grace. He seated his Wife with his hands around Grace's thighs as he allowed his already erect manhood, throbbing, to plunge upward into his Wife's awaiting vagina. Closing his eyes and moaning feeling as Grace's gravity above sat directly downward on his erect pole, stove-piping up into her. Tristian's face went to kiss Grace's neck. His free hand massage below between Grace's luscious clitoris. Tristian began using his pelvic muscles, working them out, pacing his cock upward and downward underneath Grace sitting in his hairy wet thighs on the beach blanket under the sun and palms.

Grace couldn’t help but moan at Tristian’s touch and the sensation of having him buried so deep inside her. Her fingers encouraged his every move as she trailed them over his body with words of encouragement. Her breathing was getting heavier as he drove her onward, pushing her towards her first climax..

“Ohhh Tristian! That feels so good!!” She held onto him as he thrust into her. She looked into his eyes. “I want another baby Tristian ... I want to give our son a sibling.” She moaned loudly, just the thought of Tristian making her pregnant again was a turn on.

She could feel her climax coming, her muscles tightened around his hardness as she buried herself deep down onto him as she cried out his name as her climax took over,

Twisting around and laying Grace on her side now, Tristian moaned, his face cringing in the hot sensation of having his large thick manhood being tightened around by his wife's ever present orgasming. Hudson in pure bliss, held on to her thighs and waist as he hammered his pelvic thrusts home into Grace, feeling that much more pleasure having complete and total control over his wife in this moment, riding along her orgasms... Tristian moaning, as sweat formed all over, as he swallowed between his thrusting laying beside Grace on the beach towel. "Fuck FUckkk!" The few times he did swear was held for when he rushed over with his orgasm, giving Grace his seed in deep penetrating shots inside her as he grimaced and shuddered.

Grace smiled as they lay together as Tristian rested. Her fingers trailed along the side of his hip as she turned her head to kiss him as he remained spooned up behind her on the towel. “Ohhh that was ... amazing!” She had no doubt Tristian wasn’t done with her yet, he had incredible stamina. “I didn’t go too far did I? Asking you to have another baby?”

As she spoke she slowly gyrated her hips moving herself against him knowing he’d enjoy the sensations as much as she was.

Cringing in pleasure and moaning. Tristian then grunted, as he let his free hands slide down the front of his sexy wife, feeling her slender body... up against his. His hard on, only increasing in size with her flexing and manipulations. "Baby.." He kisses softly at her neck. "If it is gods will, then we will have another. And with your blessings." He whispers at her ear.

Hudson then let his large fingers start to rub and flex along her inner labia and vagina, loving to feel her there and knowing that only he could touch her the way he was doing... He only had begun to re-gyrate back inward to her gentle prodding with her most inner sensations that he had plugged up inside of her.

Grace moaned as she felt her husband’s length growing tighter inside her again, his touch always drove her wild and his fingers touching where they were was adding to the sensations. “Ohhh Tristian!!” She loved it when he had control of their love making and right now he had it all.

Hudson grunted in lust. Laying back Grace on the beach towel now. He held up Grace's legs resting on each of Tristian’s broad strong commanding shoulders. Giving some nice harder shallow thrusts and deep breathing as he did helping the lustful sex last longer as he held Grace taking her how he had wanted Grace. In this position Tristian raised Graces long slender sexy slim legs, narrowing the vagina and helping him target Grace's G-spot in his continued earnest thrusting now commencing, watching Graces face as he gave her what he had wanted her to submit to him.

The pleasure Grace was feeling was evident not just on her face but from her moans and cries of pleasure. Her hands were grasping the beach towel tightly as Tristian gave her every ounce of pleasure she wanted. She loved to feel him buried inside her and creating a life was the ultimate expression of love.

Tristian moaned as he felt Grace's body next to his, not having had this sensual contact for a while since they had their newborn Son Xander. He was full of feelings of emotion and ecstasy as he felt his body connected with Graces, his body inside of hers together, and holding her close as he nuzzled his face deep down into her breasts that he could never get enough.

Placing a warm, deep passionate kiss to her, he thrust into Grace's body giving her what she had wanted and feeling their love together.

Grace’s fingers trailed over her husband’s skin, she loved to feel his skin against hers as they made love. She couldn’t help but moan with Tristian driving her closer and closer to another climax. “Ohhh Tristian!” She encouraged him more wanting to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her.

Tristian moaned, as he rolled onto his side. He wrapped his arms around his wife, having her body close to his, feeling her warmth, the softness of her skin and the smell of her freshly ocean sprayed body. The feel of the warm breeze around them, the shades of the palms above was all stimulating. Enjoying this position holding her close as he made love, flexing his body, penetrating his wife, making love to her filling her inside as much as she could take of him, as his lust took hold. "Grace, I love you.." He moaned and kissed her in his thrusting.

Grace was enjoying the closeness and passion of their lovemaking. Feeling him so deeply inside her made her encourage him onward. “All the way Tristian! I want all of you inside me!” She gazed into his eyes letting him know he wasn’t hurting her and she was confident he wouldn’t.

Tristian had grunted, and gritted his teeth, as his face showed lust, and passion. He was more than turned on by his own wifes encouragement, wanting him to give his whole body to her, as he thrust forward, his own balls slamming up against Grace's love tunnel. Holding her in place as he went to town jack hammering her, each thrust to the hilt, rooting to her insides as he moaned outward, feeling the extreme depths of their passionate sex. His panting and sweating as his body continued to breed his wife, making her a woman and him a man raucously engorging his member and depths to new limits within their love making.

It didn’t take long before the deep thrusting threatened to drive Grace completely over the edge, her breathing was ragged and she encouraged Tristian in all manner of ways including a lot of naughty and dirty words that she knew would drive him insane. She wanted their climaxes to hit together, to give her the best chance of getting pregnant again.

Hudson was now sliding his hand up Grace's taught backside, and grasping her left shoulder, as they lay on the beach towel. His six pack, glistening with sweat as he put his whole body's athletic muscles to work. As if he Tristian were in a marathon that his life depended on. The fit doctor with urgency and pure pleasure wanting to give Grace every last bit of him, as he expertly, fucked her. Hudson grasping Grace's breasts as his body entered euphoria. His manhood burrowing deep within his Wife's solace for the taking... "Ohhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh!!" Hudson began deep shuddering.

Tristian’s climax automatically triggered Grace’s as she gripped his hand holding onto it tightly as she moaned and cried out his name. Her body trembled with the sheer power of her climax before she relaxed onto the beach towel breathing heavily.

Holding on to Grace in a grapple, he orgasmed and breathed hard outward. He secretly was hoping that Grace would become pregnant again. She was an excellent lover, and mother of his children.

Lying in a passionate embrace Grace smiled, this was one trip to the holodeck she wasn’t going to forget.



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