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Ferengi, Miners, and Reporters, Oh My!

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020 @ 1:20pm by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Jameson & Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Location: Captain's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 7 at 0800

M'Mira might be a prima donna. She might prefer to take cat naps. However, whenever she decided it was time to work, she was diligent and effective. The Santa Claus problem had kept her up for too long. There had to be clues somewhere. Looking through a number of standard reports, she noticed that there were a few unusual occurrences. The Ferengi had arrived a day after Santa Claus and at the same time as the second appearance. There also was a report from the Counselor about her trip to the miners and her sensing of deception, but not knowing what. Also suspicious was a report from the Transport specialist, Oliver Radrick, who reported that the miners had come down with nothing showing in cargo, yet having a bulge and wanting to meet with the Ferengi. All of this sounded too coincidental.

She grinned a toothy grin but it faded as her lack of sleep started to assert itself. She touched her commbadge and said, =^= Lieutenant Quinn-Chaim and Commander Jameson, report to my office immediately. =^= Removing her hand from the commbadge, she got a quick look at her nails. Some of her red nail polish had been chipped off on her left ring finger. She gasped in horror, her tail standing bolt upright as she headed toward her desk to try and find some polish.

Hearing the call from M’Mira, Aeryn headed to the Office. Pressing the chime she waited for a response before entering. “You wanted to see me Captain?”

"I did," M'Mira replied in a low, annoyed growl. She started waving her paw in the air rapidly.

Aeryn was about to question what was wrong when the door chime rang.

Kara had been in her office when the call came through, luckily she wasn’t busy. Making her way out of the doors she headed for M’Mira’s office wondering what it was M’Mira wanted. It didn’t take long before she was outside the door, she pressed the chime and politely waited.

M'Mira growled, "Come in." When Kara walked in, M'Mira was rapidly shaking her right paw in the air.

“You sent for me Captain?” Kara smiled warmly as she rested her hand on her bump. She had gotten used to using her pregnant physique as a resting place for her hands.

“What’s bothering you Commander?” Aeryn looked at M’Mira.

"I am botherrred by the fact that therrre have been some unrrreporrrted anomalies that I have put togetherrr." She continued to shake her paw in the air as she talked. "You, Ms Quinn-Chaim, I saw a rrreporrrt that said that you thought the minerrrs on Luna were hiding something. Tell me morrre about that, please."

Kara nodded. “They were definitely hiding something I could feel it. They weren’t over enthusiastic about having us there in the first place, and they couldn’t rush us out faster enough either.”

"Werrre you awarrre that the minerrrs were here afterrr that Santa Claus was? Wanted to meet with the Ferrrengi Ambassadorrr, so the rrreporrrt says...."

Kara shook her head. “No I wasn’t aware of that. So if they’re willing to speak with the Ferengi then something is obviously going on between them.”

"That's my thought," M'Mira purred. "So, who do you think we can have go back and visit with the minerrrs and investigate this furrrtherrr?"

Kara gave M’Mira a look that said ‘please don’t choose me’ “I’m not sure, they don’t trust anyone Starfleet or any strangers at all.”

M'Mira wondered why Kara was not interested in doing anything and then she realized that Kara was pregnant. "How long until your cub is due?" she asked. "I think that the Commanderrr could handle the Ferrrengi side of things. And maybe, just maybe we send our FNS Rrreporrrterrr to the miners to investigate conditions up on Luna. We also could have herrr go with Parrino and Rrreed." She nodded to herself. "Yes, I think that will do nicely."

“My baby?” Kara looked at M’Mira. “He’s due in around 3 months time.” She smiled.

“I’ll do what I can Commander.” Aeryn smiled as she looked at M’Mira. “I’ll do my best to get to the bottom of what our Ferengi friends want.”

"Good, Commanderrr. I think you will be much less suspicious to them than securrrity. This rrrequirrres a bit of subtlety that I'm not cerrrtain they have." She looked over at Kara and said, "I believe yourrr husband is in securrrity, yes? I hope that this does not offend you and that you will not discuss this with him."

“Of course not Commander.” Kara nodded. “What is said here, stays here.”

"Good. Yourrr husband seems like a good man but I think he may be like what Terrrrrrrans call a bull in a china shop?"

Kara grinned. “A good point and maybe just a little. But Tomer knows his job, he’s the best.”

M'Mira laughed at Kara's enthusiasm. "I hope that I can one day find a mate that is excited about me as you arrre about him."

Kara grinned. “He’s the love of my life Commander, I wouldn’t be without him.”

M'Mira bit her tongue, getting more bitter that she had not found someone to properly worship and adorn her. "It is forrrtunate that you arrre so lucky." She then turned to Aeryn and said, "Best get to it. If you need a team, let me know but I would think that you could handle some grrreedy Ferrrengi."

Aeryn nodded. “I’m sure I’ll manage Commander.”

"Good, I expect some answerrrs. If you have no otherrr questions, then you may be dismissed."

Aeryn nodded and headed for the door.


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