Reports and more reports

Posted on Wed Sep 12th, 2018 @ 8:49pm by Lieutenant Bradley Damon

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Damon was in his office, going over multiple reports involving: the attack on the Romulan compound, the meeting with the colonel and the major, and the plan to combine security and marine units to help safe guard the station.

The analysis on the weapons used in the compound attack were Federation phasers, probably bought on the black market or stolen from the armory. He had ordered an inventory of the security armory and had requested one from the Colonel.
What remains of the attackers had been sent to the infirmary for analysis.

The meeting with the colonel and major went better then he thought it would. It seemed that the colonel was trying to possibly looking to seize command of the station, since the captain was still in the infirmary. He doubted that the commander would allow the colonel to do that.

He knew that many people, probably the commander herself, thought that he was a buffoon...a joke...and they probably wondered how he managed to get himself a position like this. He wanted to tell them that he took his job seriously, that he went by the book, and most of all...he trusted his gut.

Whether they got it or not, he didn't care.
He knew his job, and he wasn't going to let anyone get in his way in his search for who tried to kill the captain.



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