A sudden disappearance

Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 7:59pm by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant JG Tomer Chaim & Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Jameson & Lieutenant Phelan Zhaan

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0925


Aeryn was doing the rounds introducing herself to the various Ambassadors when something caught her eye. Someone acting suspiciously, who funnily enough seemed to be watching her. Not liking that one little bit she excused herself and approached the person she’d had her eye on, only for him to dive out of the door.

Shaking her head she smiled to herself as she followed, smiling and nodding politely to those she passed on her way. As she exited the room she followed as the man headed for the station promenade before diving off down a quiet corridor. Following she soon wished she hadn’t as another man stepped out behind her, a struggle later and the sound of a hypo hissing and she was unconscious in his arms.

“Are you sure it’s her?” The assailant looked at his companion.

“What do you call these?” He pointed to her ears. “Those are Romulan ears, and yes I’m sure! Now let’s get her out of here and quick, it won’t be long before she’s missed.”

~ A few minutes later ~

Back aboard their ship they quickly departed alongside a small group of ships that had stopped off to resupply. A well planned and cleverly timed plot, that had taken years to come to fruition was finally paying off.

“Contact the man, tell him we’ve got her! Let’s see if her father is the honourable man he makes himself out to be.”

~ Meanwhile back at Faltan ~

M'Mira had just received word that there was going to be some sort of attack on the delegation. She was less than pleased but far from surprised. She wondered what Phelan was going to do about it. And where was Candy? She usually liked to be in the thick of things. Something was not right. She walked around looking to tell her XO what was going on but could not find her.

First she wandered over to Tomer and asked, "Have you seen Commanderrr Jameson? I seem to have misplaced herrr."

Tomer shook his head at the Caitian, "I have not. Have you tried the comm?"

"No, I did not want to make a fuss but perrrhaps I should." She touched her commbadge and said, =^= Commanderrr Jameson, rrreporrrt. =^= Nothing but static came back.

Tomer went to a computer panel and asked, "Computer, where is Commander Jameson?"

The computer replied, "Commander Jameson is not on the Station."

Tomer strode up to M'Mira and reported the bad news.

M'Mira then told Tomer, "Tell Rrread and Lieutenant Zhaan. I think the Falteans may have made theirrrr move."

Nodding, he left M'Mira who tried to pretend nothing was wrong. He got to Lieutenant Zhaan and said, "The XO is missing."

"Missing," Phelan asked, a frown furrowing his brow, "as in no longer on the station? Or out of contact?"

"The computer says she is not on the station. I can't imagine her leaving without telling anyone. Can you?" Tomer ask Phelan.

"I'm afraid I don't know her well enough to speculate," Phelan answered. "So, two things to check. The security feed, backtrack her movements, and see if we caught anything and the docking ring. I had ordered it locked down but we should still check anyway. Make sure that no ships have left. How about you take the security feed and I'll check on outgoing vessels."

"As you order," Tomer replied obediently. "My only concern other than the XO is to how much this may thin us out with regard to the conference. It seems like a convenient distraction."

The Chief Security Officer agreed.

In the meantime, M'Mira headed to Read, "Do you have any clue as to what is happening?"

Rohan shook his head, "No, my source told me that the Falteans would make some sort of attempt on this gathering. My instinct tells me that the Commander Jameson's disappearance is separate from that."

"That is rrratherrr poorrr timing forrr us, if trrrue. Find out what you can, subtlety and rrreporrrt back to me."