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Posted on Sun Sep 5th, 2021 @ 6:31pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson

Mission: Mission 4 - A New Home
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1630


Kara had fallen back asleep the stress of twins on her body taking its toll. Awaking a couple of hours later she opened her eyes to find Tomer gone, a little note left to say that duty called and he would be back as soon as he could.

She was relieved to see their daughter Briana sleeping peacefully in a crib at her bedside. Looking up she saw Tristian still sitting holding Grace’s hand his head down on the bed next to her. Slowly Getting up from her biobed Kara gently walked across to Tristian placing a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, shouldn’t you be at home getting some sleep?”

Tristian turned up, noticing the time. His face had visibly worn redness. Hudson did his best in the moment, surprised. He sniffed, and wiped at his eye as he looked up. This late in the evening. "Kara." He smiled.

"We want you to know..." Hudson held on to Grace's hand, grasping it. Feeling Graces pulse of her heart beat, ensuring that she was alive. Beating. Always beating, and as long as it were, he knew she was ok. His mind, wouldn't be able to get over, to be able to rest, until he seen her eyes once more, beautiful. Radiant, bright with life and happy. The Grace, that Hudson knew.

"We want you and Tomer, to understand. The.. " Hudson wanted to give Kara a lending hand, and walk her back to her bio bed. There was no way, she should be walking, or even expending her energy. Kara's trill body was small for two twins. "If you had not have offered.... I... would be alone." Kara seen the reverence in Tristian's eyes, his dread that Grace would not, dare he think pull through.

“No... you wouldn’t” Kara offered Tristian a smile. “Grace is a fighter, she’ll come through this and she will give birth to your twins!”

Hudson, kissed Grace's hand for the moment. "I am taking Kara to her bed Grace. I'm not leaving...." He spoke so she could hear Tristian, even in her deep comatose condition that she was placed in.

"Kara. I cannot let you walk around sick bay." Hudson with some gusto reached for the nearest hover chair.

“I haven’t walked across Sickbay” Kara grinned. “I was in the next bed so I didn’t have far to go. I can make it back there too.”

"Well, I missed that then." He frowned. "In the future Kara, let's remain at the bio bed, and I or a Nurse will help you around."

"The coma state is remarkable, Kara. It is almost a default state for the human body, for the trill body, most races within Starfleet with a central nervous system." Hudson watched Kara. "When Grace's bio stats come back as optimal, and they are trending now upward, the first time in hours..."

He smiled. "We will have our Family back, together." Hudson then paused a moment, looking at Kara's chest. He had helped her get back to the bio bed right beside grace. "Would I be able to touch your belly?" Tristian was not weirded by the question, he were a Doctor. And technically, his children were inside Kara. But of course, Kara would have to be comfortable.

Kara nodded. “Of course you can, I’m carrying your twins after all.” She smiled warmly. “I promise you I’ll take good care of myself, I’ll eat all the right things and if there’s any problems you’ll be the first to know.”

Hudson had taken a clean wipe for his hand and then sterilized himself. Tristian, looked at Kara with a beam. "I... I.. This is.." He turned his head back to Grace. Almost feeling like he was leaving her out, and or, moving on... Feeling their children, that she had no part of? As a Doctor, this was .... He needed to talk to someone.

Feeling the twins from Kara's baby bump. Hudson closed his eyes, as he focused. In his mind, he was saying 'hello, there!' to the little ones. Opening his eyes he felt relaxed, relieved.

"Grace. I just felt the twins, they are doing so good. Kara, Tomer. They are our Family Grace." Hudson smiled.

“Don’t worry she can hear you.” Kara smiled warmly. “Even in a coma the brain is fully active, she’s just.... well you’re a doctor you know. I’ll apologize now if Tomer acts somewhat... jealous, this isn’t easy for him. I want you and Grace to have as much access to your twins as you need, I won’t complain.”

Hudson had grinned, at the comment of Tomer becoming jealous. Himself, the Doctor usually wasn't phased by jealous tendencies or feelings in his past. Yet, the man in him knew how Tomer would feel. Another Males... children, product of twins inside you're young Wife.

"Kara. I completely understand if Tomer wants alone time with you. This is very new and confusing for him as well, I wouldn't want to be the cause of anything, not that I think Tomer would. He is an admirable man, he was there helping me, the both of you with Grace down on the planet. I probably wouldn't have found her if it wasn't for you all. But now... Hudson had placed his hands on his thighs, and then sat up from kneeling to Kara's baby bump.

“May I ask what it is you’ve got attached to Grace’s forehead?” Kara looked at Grace curiously. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

"I have brain neuron facilitators in a neurogenic flux of bio available synergy..." He paused, as he looked at device on Grace's forehead, her brilliant red long hair, swept aside, as her face looked calm, and almost as if she could wake up at any movement from noise.

“I take it that will help her recover from her coma?” Kara was just as worried for Grace as Tristian was, more so for Tristian himself. “How long a recovery do you think she’ll need?”

"Well, it depends on how fast the brain neurons re-centralize under a neurogenic flux." Hudson was relieved though, "at least she is responding to the treatment now. It may be 75 hours." Tristian had replied.

Kara nodded then stifled a yawn. “Sorry, I guess carrying twins is more exhausting than I thought.” She watched as Tristian smiled before leaving her to sleep.



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