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A New Home

Posted on Tue Aug 17th, 2021 @ 10:58pm by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant JG Tomer Chaim & Lieutenant JG Adam Burns & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim & Telhas thu'S'Terion Sa-Shasol'kor t'Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Mission 4 - A New Home
Location: Faltan Space Station
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1230

M'Mira arrived at the new space station and was aghast at its state. All around her was basically a skeleton of a station. There were no shops open. There were no facilities open. Some places were unfinished. All she could think to herself was Why me? Not again! I repaired the planetary station on my own and now I'm likely going to have to do it again.

After a majority of the ships evacuating Faltan had arrived, M'Mira announced throughout the station, =^=All seniorrr perrrsonnel, please rrreporrrt to what I believe is the briefing room on Deck 11.=^=

Hearing the announcement Kara headed for deck 11 to find the briefing room, the counselling suite certainly left a lot to be desired and she had no doubt others would have similar complaints.

M'Mira paced the room, her tail swishing angrily at the floor. She felt stupid. How could she not know that something like this would happen. She had let herself be lulled into complacency by the lack of action from the Falteans. =^= All assistant chiefs and ambassadorrrs, also, please rrreporrrt to the briefing room. =^=

Tomer immediately appeared and seeing his wife, gave her a hug and kiss. "Is our little Captain, alright?" he asked concerned.

“She’s fine” Kara smiled. “I left her with the other nursery children while we’re in the briefing.”

Relieved, Tomer gave his wife a kiss and then a long relieved hug.

Telhas made his way to the briefing room as well. Actually, he went the wrong way first, but a security officer had helped him to find the room. "Commander M'Mira, how may I be of further assistance?"

"Ambassadorrrr," M'Mira started, "Do you know who werrre able to brrring herrre? Things arrre not as well orrrganized as I had hoped and I seem to be missing quite a few people...."

"I apologise, Commander," Telhas replied, "but I do not know. I have brought mostly civilians and lower ranks to this station." He handed her a PADD. "This is the list of all who were on my ships."

"Yourrr orrrganization is imprrresive, especially given this was all done in a rrrush," M'Mira replied, while her tail sank. She did not recognize anyone from her senior staff on the Romulan ship.

A dark figure stepped up and joined them from the rear.

" Excuse me I am Lt Sorben from the JAG services. I was aiding the Klingon Ambassador. He seems..unhappy to say the least." Sorben stated .

M'Mira shrugged. "Klingons arrre usually only happy in battle and this was a cowarrrdly attack. Given the way things worrrked, we must assume that anyone who has not checked in, is likely dead. Do you all not agrrree?"

" Possibly. What is our current situation? " Sorben asked.

"The currrrrrent situation is that we arrrre hoping that ourrr missing crew is alive. So farrr, I know that we are missing ourrr Executive Officerrr, Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Jameson; ourrr Chief Strrrategic Officer, Lieutenant Rrrohan Rrreed; ourrr Chief Flight Officer, Lieutenant John Fitzgerrrald; ourrr Chief Securrrity Officerrr, Lieutenant Nealy Snowden; ourrr Chief Operrrations officerrr, Lieutenant Oliverrrr Rrradrrrick; ourrr Chief Engineerrrr, Lieutenant Commanderrr Brrriegel Fosterrr; ourrr Chief Science Officerrr, Lieutenant T'Lena; ourrr Chief Medical Officerrr, Lieutenant Trrristian Hudson; ourrr Chief Intelligence Officerrr, Lieutenant JG Natalia Parrrrrrrino; and ourrr Chief Diplomatic Officerrrr, Lieutenant JG Casshan Kincaid. Hopefully, I am not forrrgetting anyone. I do wonderrr what has happened to ourrr FNS Rrreporrrterrr, Candy Templeton but she's not in the chain of command, so I will have to check in on herrr laterrr."

"Sorry for the dramatic entrance, but duty calls." Doctor Hudson had come in with a mug of hot coffee, and then took a seat at the conference table. He could not help but notice that M'Mira on the way was a bit tense' to state in the least. With the state of the station, and the missing officers, and wounded. Finally, Hudson had a free moment to join the rest of the crew, and take a break from the wounded, now all stabilized. Tristian was exhausted.

Not to mention, the horror. The horror that had burned at the back of his head, that he dare not let it show as to be so raw and angry, raw and terrified for his wife, Grace.

"It is good to have you still with us," M'Mira replied relieved. "And is yourrr wife and arrre yourrr cubs, including unborrrn ones, alrrright?"

Tristian resigned to pure silence as he stared at his hands, he then shook his head. He was torn for the moment. This was the very moment, he had the chance to get out and start looking through the debris with the emergency crews to locate his Wife and his Son... He was devastated, beyond.

"No, Ma'am." Hudson added. "I intend to search with the emergency crews in the scaffolding of some of the complexes." He knew they were in some of those areas, by the grace of his grace.

Telhas listened to the reports. He was not in command, not even a part of this crew, but he felt sympathy for them. And, after all, he would keep his word and honour their secret alliance. Perhaps he could offer something of value. "Commander M'Mira, as we do not know if there are any survivors on the planetary station, I can offer my embassy as a basis for search and rescue operations. The embassy is not evacuated and heavily fortified. Plus I guess that I made my point clear to Governor Taga that any attack on my embassy would destroy the planet. A quantum singularity core is not only good for power generation, you know? Therefore, I think that they will leave my embassy alone, as I will leave the Falteans alone."

"Having you on the planet may be verrry helpful," M'Mira admitted. "It may help us not only with potential surrrvivorrrs but also would be useful forrr potentially finding inforrrmation on this disease. With a currre, we might be able to rrrreturrrn."

"We will need to study it and break down the virus, find what its vulnerabilities are." Tristian had nodded. His mind and his eyes right now had looked like saucers, his mind was reeling. Where was Grace and the child?

"In the meantime, we have a station to put togetherrr. It is farrr frrrom habitable. If anyone otherrr than myself has ops or engineerrring experrrience, I will expect that you arrre putting in extrrra time fixing the station." She turned to Telhas and said, "Of courrrse, Ambassadorrr, I cannot accept yourrr help as the Rrromulans arrre not Starrrfleet memberrrs. I hope that you underrrstand."

"Too bad, I would have loved to install some special devices." Telhas laughed. "Of course I understand. Plus that I will leave for Rator III as soon as possible. I have to report to the Senate about this incident." He thought for a moment before he added "However, should you need any support in firepower, my warbird, the Ket-Cheleb, is nearby. They are ordered to stay cloaked, but Commander R'Mor will respond to a call. And you may also need the name of the commander in charge of my Embassy. Commander S'Kenkh of my Reman Batallion will respond to requests."

"Thank you, Ambassadorrr. The offerrr is apprrreciated," M'Mira answered.

Telhas bowed his head and left for his ship.

A few moments later there was a message relayed for Tristian. “Doctor, we’ve received news your son Xander has been found, your wife Grace had another family take him with them during the evacuation. They said she wanted to get something from your quarters. Your wife never returned.”

Hudson stood up, unable to keep it it any longer. His tense and calculating where Amelia could be? "Commander M'Mira. I apologize, but I request to leave the meeting, if there is other pertinent issues. I believe I know what Grace could be doing, and where Xander's was picked up." Hudson was pacing himself, thinking of what medical supplies and search and rescue equipment he would need. "Xavier..." His eyes watered, only slightly that anyone close could see it. "Xander is ok?!"

“Your son is fine Doctor” came the response over comms. “There’s no sign of your wife as yet though.”

"You arrre excused. Everrryone in fact is dismissed. We need to get this station operrrational. I shall leave you all to it."

“Doctor” Kara walked over to Tristian. “I’m an empath I maybe of some use to you in your search.”

Tomer walked up to Kara, worried. "What do you have in mind, dear? The Falteans don't want us there and it could be dangerous, at best."

“For all we know our equipment might not work at the base with all the chemicals in the air, I’m a walking tricorder! I can sense where people are.” She looked at Tristian. “I can help you find Grace!”

"As there is not much in the way of judicial need I offer my services in ops ." Sorben offered.

M'Mira overheard the conversation of Kara, Tristian, and Tomer, "You should not go down therrrre." Sympathetically, she looked at Tristian, "I know this is yourrr wife. You know I carrre about herrr and yourrr cub. But the Falteans arrre not playing fairrr and I don't want morrre deaths."

Turning to Sorben, M'Mira told him, "We could use all the help we can get. I hope you rrrememberrr basic training."

" VULCAN or Starfleet ? "Sorben replied.

M'Mira answered, "Does it matterrrr? We have a Starrrbase to get up and rrrruning."

Kara looked at Tristian, “If you’re going it needs to be now, who knows what’ll happen to Grace otherwise.”

Hudson looked back and gave a slight smile of thankfulness. He would be granted permission to get down to the planet, and then search for Grace in their old quarters. She would be in their quarters. She had wanted to get a few things that was packed away, before the attack.

Heading first through the busy damage crews, Tristian within a matter of minutes had the correct gear with him to take back down to the Faltean Planet. The EVA suit was prepped, as he had taken advantage of the confusion of the station to highjack a beam down to Grace.

“Not without us you don’t!” Kara stood at Tristian’s side with Tomer at her side.

Hudson shook his head, hurrying as he was already. "Oh no!" He smirked. "I am not placing you into harm, the both of you. You're probably already pregnant Kara. Cummon?!" Tristian looked at the both of them, both similar couples with biological cravings. "I won't put you and your husband Tomer, in danger!"

“Too bad I’m going!” Kara sighed. “Either you want to find Grace or you don’t! I can find her!”

Tomer sighed. "There's no arguing with her, Doctor. I've never won once."

Hudson, was awash in worry for Grace, the fetus. The whole situation on Faltan Station. "Tomer, Kara... Let's Get Grace!!" Hudson affirmed ever the more confident with his friends helping him save his Wife.


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