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Posted on Tue Aug 17th, 2021 @ 5:34pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim & Petty Officer 1st Class Grace Hudson & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Lieutenant JG Tomer Chaim

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Location: Space station Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1430


Grace was unconscious as the small group arrived in Sickbay.

Kara looked at Tomer as they were ferried away by a nurse to be checked over.

"What's that look, Spots? I don't know that look and I thought that I knew everything about you."

“Didn’t you see? Grace’s leg...” Kara shook her head. “I know Tristian will do everything to save Grace but...” she hated herself for even thinking the worst. She sat worrying about Grace as the nurse finished checking her over, giving her a good bill of health. She looked towards Tomer “I’ll be right back”

Rushing out into sickbay she headed for where Tristian and his team were treating Grace.

“Tristian...” Kara looked at the Doctor. “Grace’s pregnancy.... I want to help!, I’ll be a surrogate for you!”

"Kara..." Tristian hardly could begin to explain the complexities of such a surgery, not to mention the after effects for the Female Host of the Twins. There was a biological connection, Sure. It would take between Kara and Grace. He looked at the stasis units and then Grace laying on the surgical suite bed with life saving medication and technologies working to fix her internal bleeding. The Stasis would be for the children. Since Grace's body now needed it's own energy to heal, her womb would reject the twins. In Stasis this would give Tristian time to come up with a plan to save them all. Except, Kara made a perfect solution...

Kara needed no invitation, Hopping up onto a nearby biobed she let Tristian’s team prep her for a fetal transfer. She just hoped Tomer would understand her decision.

"Kara..." He walked over to the bed, as the other nurses had begun to rush around Grace and then Kara who was laying on the bed. The Surgical Staff were watching everything play out and preparing for anything. "I need your consent, and I won't do it without Tomer's consent as well. Kara, he is your husband. I wouldn't forgive myself if something went wrong for you both!" The time crunch was nigh, the decisions were nigh.

"Doctor, she is dropping blood pressure once more. The computers are stabilizing her, but I can't say for how long before Grace needs Stasis." The nurses turned to watch the decision makers in the room.

Tomer looked at his wife helplessly.

“You don’t have a choice Doctor!” Kara looked at Tristian. “If it’ll help Grace and save your twins then it’s the best choice.”

=^= Computer. =^= Tristian held his firm stare at Tomer, searching the eyes of the Man. A man-to-man understanding. If Tomer gave any hint of hesitation within them, any glint of misgiving, or concerns... He'd halt the procedure.

[Tag:] Tomer, Kara

Hudson addressed the Sick Bay Main Computer while the Nurses on Staff took Kara to sit at the nearest biobed and began bringing around fetal and pediatric care items nearest. The rush was apparent.

=^= Doctor, Tristian Hudson. Security Code Faltan - Hudson, T - Gamma - El Paso - Tx - 1171 - Execute =^=

=^= Verbal Authorization Confirmed. DNA Authorization... Cleared. =^= The Sick Bay computer relayed.

=^= Computer Identify Patient ID Grace, Hudson. Fetus. Embryonic Stage 2. =^=

=^= Patient Identified. Fetus, Invitro Identified. Warning. Life Stages Critical...=^= The Computer began to alert the apparent crisis, which was swiftly overridden.

=^= Patient ID. Fetal Transport Receiver - Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim. =^=

Sounds of emergency alarms were being heard for Grace in the background. =^= Initiate Fetal Transfer. =^= Hudson ordered as he stood directly between the two Women on the biobeds. Tomer beside Kara.

Kara nodded giving Tomer one more look before the nurse sedated her in readiness for the fetal transport.

Hudson ordered the Fetal Transport. "Initiate Fetal Transport. From Patient ID, =^= Tristian had turned to his wife out unconscious, laying with their babies just barely weeks into her pregnancy. There was very little information and studies relating to Human-Betazoid-Trill medical operations.

~ A while later ~

Kara awoke to find Tomer sitting at her bedside looking worried. “Hey...” She held out her hand offering a smile. “Did everything go alright? Is Grace okay?”

"You're fine," Tomer informed Kara. "I will let the doctor tell you about the rest when it is time. Know that nobody is going to die today."

Kara nodded and smiled. “You’re mad at me... aren’t you?” Kara offered her husband a worried gaze. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t just let Grace die.”

Hudson sat beside Amelia. He was off as far as CMO duties were concerned for the moment, he was only taking care of his lover and very good friends.
Holding Graces hand in his, Hudson was watching her. Her leg injury would keep her in sick bay for a long time, not to mention, her body recovering from near fatal cardiac arrest.

Hudson had looked to Kara, Tomer. He had an overwhelmed look, but a sincerely reverent feel to it. "Kara. Tomer." Tristian, the man of short words. "I am forever in your debt, your gratitude, endless..." Hudson turned his eyes back to his own sleeping beauty on the bed. All he had wanted to do was to lay on the bio bed next, holding Grace's hand in his. The sound of her heart beat monitor indicating she was sedated, and her heart rhythms were returned to normalized from the crisis. Yet, this only was the start of the Hudson Family and Tomer and Kara's futures becoming intertwined.



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