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The rescue

Posted on Fri Jul 30th, 2021 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim & Petty Officer 1st Class Grace Hudson & Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Lieutenant JG Tomer Chaim
Edited on on Sat Jul 31st, 2021 @ 2:00pm

Mission: Mission 4 - A New Home
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1330


With all hell breaking loose around her Grace had sent her son off to the safety of the new station, she’d only wanted to grab a handful of treasured mementos from hers and Tristian’s quarters. Now she lay trapped pinned under debris alone and afraid.

Tristian was feeling the testosterone pumping through his body muscles along with cortisol levels rising by the moment. He raced into the Faltan Station Quarters sections. There was debris and shrapnel all around Hudson. "Grace!!!!!!!!!" He had shouted calling out, he began to push and pull through the blockages into the main hallway. There was smoke, fire, and sounds of crackling computers and broken electrical circuits clashing.

Holding his tricorder, Hudson scanned the area intently looking for any signs, anything at all. The problem was there was too much release of various gases in the room, there was no way the sensors were able to identify the organic life signs through the complex chemicals in the air.

Coughing from the chemicals in the air, Hudson had shouted louder, as he reached downward, and shoving a metal two by four pylon, upward to his biceps and then chucking it off to the left, out of the way.

That's when he seen it. Their quarters doorway. "GRACE!!!!" Tristian called out for his mate, his Wife. All in all the combined 20 minutes to get there through 110 pounds of debris here and there horizontally in piles, was enough of a work out for a while. He rapidly pounded his fist on the closed and blocked doorway to their old quarters. The fire in the background starting to create more smoke and explosions and heat. "ARE YOU IN THERE GRACE!?!? ITS ME!!!! ITS ME TRISTIAN!!!!!!"

Grace coughed the smoke and toxins in the air were slowly choking her making it hard to breathe. That and her injuries which unknown to Grace were bleeding profusely. She was tired and wished Tristian could hear her.

Kara was following cautiously on behind Tristian, trying not to touch anything. The devastation was surprising, she coughed at the thickness of the air. Looking at her husband as he followed on behind her.

Tomer told Kara in a hushed whisper, "We shouldn't be here. If M'Mira finds out we came back and if the Falteans learn we're here...."

Kara looked at her husband. “I couldn’t just leave Grace here to die!” She walked onward and caught up with Tristian. “Doctor! Tristian! Stop!” She placed her hand on his shoulder. “I need to concentrate.” She closed her eyes focusing hard. “She’s here! I can feel Grace!” She looked at Tristian. “She’s getting weaker, you need to hurry...”

"I know, Spots, but I don't want either of us to die either. Our little Captain needs us..." he told his wife worriedly, torn between saving Grace and potentially his and his wife's life.

“I know Imzadi” Kara looked at her husband. “But I can’t leave Grace here to die, not when we’re so close!”

"Then we have to hurry. Find her, get a transporter lock, and out. This place still stinks of death and I can't afford you getting that exploding whatever that we saw. I like viewing your insides, but not from the outside.

Hudson was more than grateful that Tomer, and Kara had volunteered to come back down to the planet. They were entering a danger zone, so hot, so volatile that their chances of getting out, and then Tristian finding an anti-biological agent in time. Despite the fact, that the gas percentages of the biological hazards had dissipated considerably since the initial attack, things were still hairy.

Glancing at Kara, Hudson's eyes narrowed, as he then rushed through the doorway, having had literally tore off the tri-carbonate cowling of the retractable panel of their quarters doorway, as Tristian had growled in anger shouting as he then threw the heavy door casting back to the free side away from Tomer and Kara.

Superman mode was suffice to say the level of operational functioning was Dr. Hudson's central cortex. While he was feverishly painstakingly making his way in to their destroyed, disheveled quarters, immediately turning and spotting Grace, laying to the left of the office area, a metal bulk head, another two by four was pinned downward across her waist and pressing on her pregnant belly.

"GRACE!!!" The very sight of his wife, laying limp on the filled Hudson full of dread. The worst kind he had felt in his life. "Oh Baby!.... Grace... NO ... NO... Baby, Grace can you hear me!?" Tristian had reached up immediately checked her pulse with his fingers. She was alive.... Just barely.

"She's still alive!!!" Hudson, immediately went to address his away team EMS kit, for all of his supplies. "Keep with me Grace!!!" He continued... "Tell me what are you doing down here??!" He tried to start to keep Grace conscious feverishly while he worked away on getting various meds ready to inject his Wife. Her child..... There was an indicator on the tricorder that their unborn was beginning a premature initial water breaking phase.

Kara reached Grace’s side following cautiously behind Tristian. “Doc! You need to see this!” She motioned to Grace’s legs one of which was heavily pinned and bleeding badly. “What do I do?!” She looked towards Tomer knowing this wasn’t good.

Tomer had seen dead people before. He had seen severely injured people before. He knew that Grace was somewhere in between. "Doc," he started, placing a transporter lock on Grace. "We need to go. You'll help her more on the station than here. Let's beam out, now."

Hudson turned to Tomer, nodding. "Do it."

Checking the vitals, Graces leg was compromised and bleeding internally. Grace was pinned underneath the metal bulk head from above across her leg. "She has internal bleeding in her left leg... I'll need Grace into the emergency stasis chamber as soon as we beam up. I need to put her into a medical coma for her and the babies..." He shook his head feeling defeated at the moment.

Hudson lay there beside Grace on the floor of the debris, holding her cheek, comforting her. As the team was then a washed in a blue shower of particles and energizing beaming them back to Faltan Station.


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