Welcome to Faltan Station.

Early 2388 saw Vice Admiral Anin relocate Task Force 93’s headquarters from Faltan Station to Providence Shipyards. This change left Faltan Station surplus to requirements. A small administrative team was left in part of the station with the rest of the station being shutdown as it was no longer required.

Over the course of 2388 and the beginning of 2389 saw a change in power in both the Klingon and Romulan Empires. The Sovereignty Of Kahless grew larger and is close to pushing the Klingon High Council into Civil War. The Free Romulan Movement has also gained momentum in the last year, solidifying the Romulan Government at Rator III to combat the emerging threat to their empire.

With this in mind, Starfleet felt a presence along the eastern edge of the Raeyan Transit Corridor was once again needed.

The new Task Force 93 Commanding Officer Admiral Banda started drawing up a list of candidates to command Faltan Station. After a process that yielded a short list of candidates, Captain Horatio Refelian was choose to reconstitute and Command Faltan Station.

When Captain Refelian decided to retire and return to Earth, Commander M'Mira took his place.

Do you think you have what it takes to help get Faltan Station back to its former glory?

Don't see a position you'd like? Don't be put off! Contact us and we'll see what we can do for you!

Join us now!

Latest News Items

» Status Update - August, 2020 Edition

Posted on Sun Aug 9th, 2020 @ 2:12am by Commander M'Mira in General News

The following is a news item from Commander M'Mira

I have never sent one of these out for this sim. I think that I should get back in the habit of doing it. Normally, I send these out on the first of the month (give or take a few days) to give an overview of everything that happened in the month before and of what our goals are for the upcoming month.


In July, we had 13 users and 18 player characters. I reduced that at the end of the month to 9 users and 15 player characters.


We're going to continue improving upon the site to make it attractive and informative for all. If there's something that you want to see that we don't have, please let us know!


We had 5 posts in July. We can do much better with 9 users and 15 player characters. However, it appears that activity, in general, is picking up, as there have been 4 posts already this month.

Mission Recap

Faltan Station has been fairly calm for the last four months. However, people have been leaving Faltan due to the building of a starbase. M'Mira is determined not to the Falteans bully the Federation off of the planetary base that she fixed up and has been bringing in new personnel, many from the Kumari. M'Mira has been pleased with these developments but Candy, the FNS reporter is growing bored because she came to Faltan for action and it has been calm.

Two weeks before Christmas, Santa Claus appeared and told everyone that he was going to determine whether people on Faltan Station had been naughty or nice and would judge them accordingly. The next day Santa Claus reappeared and told everyone that Faltan Station had been naughty and they had better leave or be destroyed.

In the meantime, the Assistant Chief of Security, Tomer Chaim and his pregnant wife, Kara Quinn-Chaim went to visit the private miners on Luna and came away with the impression they were hiding something. Also a Ferengi Ambassador has arrived with his three female assistants? to stay on Faltan.


Determine the nature of Santa Claus and prevent him from destroying Faltan Station.

Player of the Month

Our player of the month this month is our Executive Officer, Kara Quinn-Chaim, who had all but one post in July and kept things going while I was getting my head in place.


If anyone has any ideas for character development or even some subplots, share them with us. I know that my door, as well as my XO’s are always open. Any questions, comments, or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact the Command team. We are here for you!

» July Update

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 6:23am by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim in General News

Hi all, Well here we are again. Here’s an update on where we stand.


We currently have;
7 players
10 playing characters (some of us have multiple characters)
9 npcs

We have 1 player whose ELOA.

There have been 2 removals due to lack of posting over a long period of time, with one further person pending.


No major changes. Any suggestions feel free. I have been picking beeman’s (Vice Admiral Banda) brain for some help with the site as he’s the one that maintains all the hard stuff around here. I’m a total newbie to website management.


I haven’t done count this time as posting has understandably been slow. Stuart and I are always up for jps with any of your characters so feel free to drop us posts to work on.

Posts don't need to be mission based, the beauty of being on a station is there's plenty of scope for posts.

Mission Recap

Santa Claus is back with plans to see us off station, what's he up to?

Also if anyone is interested in suggesting a mission or wants to run a plot feel free to let us know, I’ll make sure you earn the rewards for it.


If anyone has any ideas, or knows anyone who'd be interested in making this station great again please let them and/or us know! Input and new members are always welcome!!

» New Mission Groups

Posted on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 6:49pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim in General News

Hi all,

I have added two new mission groups to our mission selection:

History Speaks - A fun new posting area for anything you might want to write from your characters past! You can indulge yourselves writing anything from your character’s history. Have fun!

Faltan Proudly Welcomes - Is for any and all related posts when we have docked ships at the station. We will be having a visit from The USS Kumari soon.

My usual monthly report is on hold for now as we haven’t had much in the way of posting but numbers are slowly starting to rise, let’s get them up and encourage some new members to join us!

Any problems drop myself or Commander M’Mira a line and we’ll do what we can to help.

Aeryn Jameson (XO)

» Site News

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 2:24pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim in General News

Hi all,

It’s been a bit slow of late but with the Coronavirus crisis I’m not surprised.

I’ve been in touch with Jacob (beeman) our website specialist and asked for his help in adding some new skins to the site and adding a content filter for adult posts as well. More news on all that as it happens!

Let’s pull ourselves up and dust ourselves off and get this station moving again! :0)

» Player Awards

Posted on Tue Mar 24th, 2020 @ 1:26pm by Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim in General News

Hi all,

Award time again! The following awards are given for the period 13 Feb-6 Mar 2020.

Player of the Month

Awarded to Oliver Radrick, who besides my own character Aeryn had the highest number of posts during the past month.

I've also awarded our Romulan Ambassador Telhas for being the next highest poster the past month.

Congratulations to you both!

Post of the Month

Awarded to Telhas/Aeryn for the post "Famcy Meeting you here"

Latest Mission Posts

» Come, Enjoy Yourself

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Posted on Sat Aug 8th, 2020 @ 12:45am by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Petty Officer 1st Class Grace Hudson


The time was nearly 1900 hours. The Hudson's were relaxed as the quarters was ready. Canapes, refreshments and drinks were all replicated and set about. There was candles lit, with eclectic local selections of music from the Faltan Station artists and culture.

"You look stunning, as always dear." Tristian…

» Miners Visit

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Posted on Sat Aug 8th, 2020 @ 12:43am by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant Oliver Radrick

It was getting late in Lieutenant Radrick's shift. The lockdown was still in place; however, something caught his ears. The miners on Luna, specifically one miner, was looking to beam down to Faltan Station.

Oliver saw the notice for transport displayed. He opened the log to see who was requesting…

» Latinum Talks

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Posted on Mon Aug 3rd, 2020 @ 3:30pm by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant Oliver Radrick

Ferengi Ambassador Nidor's human assistant, Livia, was given the task of contacting Lieutenant Radrick regarding the fresh non replicated Slug-O-Cola. Silently, she fumed that she was given this assignment. Ever since the Trill Mahjur had come into Nidor's service, she had been pushed aside. Here, she had thought she found…

» Charting

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Posted on Sat Aug 1st, 2020 @ 4:36pm by Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim


Tristian crossed Faltan Station, noticing all the various departments, shops, cultural areas. He was pleasantly surprised. He enjoyed the artistic paintings and cultural artifacts of the planet and the people they were helping.

A day earlier, Hudson had sent a message to the Chief Counsellor requesting a time to…

» Discussing the Romulan Offer

Mission: Mission 3: Diplomacy, what’s that?
Posted on Sun Jul 19th, 2020 @ 11:33pm by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Jameson & Telhas thu'S'Terion Sa-Shasol'kor t'Cheleb-Khor

M'Mira was not a morning Caitian. Though, truth be told, she was not much of an awake Caitian. If she was not being properly pampered and had no immediate work to do, she saw no reason to ruin a good cat nap.

However, there was work to be done and…

Latest Personal Logs

» Fitzgerald's Personal Log

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2020 @ 11:56am by Lieutenant John Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald's Personal Log, I feel quite uneasy at times, It's been several Months since my time on the Triton, since everything happened. But I am confident that with this new posting at Faltan Station, I'll be back up and back to my usual self. It's not often you get a…

» Preparing for action

Posted on Mon May 6th, 2019 @ 9:58am by Lieutenant Kylean Amidok MD, PhD

"Chief medical officer's personal log, supplemental. I've just woken up from my induced sleep and am preparing for the mission to recover survivors of a Starfleet vessel in distress. Due to the nature of this mission, I will not give any details regarding the ship or the conditions around it.…

» Who needs a counselor?

Posted on Sun Feb 10th, 2019 @ 1:54pm by Lieutenant Kylean Amidok MD, PhD

Medical Officer's Personal log. I can't help but feel overwhelmed by what happened out there. I didn't feel useful, in fact I felt my presence was more of a hindrance than help. I had no time to meet or get to know any of those who rendered aid before I…

» Reports and more reports

Posted on Wed Sep 12th, 2018 @ 2:49pm by Lieutenant Bradley Damon

Damon was in his office, going over multiple reports involving: the attack on the Romulan compound, the meeting with the colonel and the major, and the plan to combine security and marine units to help safe guard the station.

The analysis on the weapons used in the compound attack were…