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Pomp and Circumstance

Posted on Sun Mar 14th, 2021 @ 11:22pm by Commander M'Mira & Lieutenant JG Tomer Chaim & Lieutenant JG Adam Burns & Ensign Connor Turner & Candy Templeton & Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Jameson & Lieutenant Phelan Zhaan & Lieutenant Tristian Hudson & Lieutenant JG Kara Quinn-Chaim & Petty Officer 1st Class Grace Hudson & Telhas thu'S'Terion Sa-Shasol'kor t'Cheleb-Khor

Mission: Mission 4 - A New Home
Location: Ambassador Quadrant
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0900

June 3, 2390

M'Mira was in her dress uniform. She had primped and puffed and prepped herself for several hours. Her nails were an immaculate bright red and her tail and ears were decorated with matching platinum rings.

Today was a big day. Ambassadors from all over the Federation, as well as from Raeyan Sector Block were coming. M'Mira was not looking forward to seeing Governor Taga but she was the key to these negotiations. After all, if Taga was to be believed, she was going to negotiate in good faith for a permanent lease of Faltan Station to the Federation for a new era of posterity.

A festive atmosphere was all over Faltan Station and now having had approximately a year of relative peace with the Falteans, people had become comfortable and everyone was bringing out their best wares for decoration or in the case of the merchants, for sale. The celebratory air had stretched far and wide. Candy Templeton was wearing a more genuine smile and seemed to be keeping Ensign Connor Turner in her sights. Between interviews, she smiled in his direction. Their relationship, if it could be called that, was one that M'Mira did not completely understand.

M'Mira had made it clear to her entire crew that everyone was expected to be present at some point during the festivities, but she knew that she and very few of her chiefs would be permitted in any sense of negotiations for the station. She started making her way through the crowds and over to the Ambassador Quadrant where all of the negotiations and ceremonies would be held.

Telhas arrived, dressed in the black robes of a Romulan senator. He would have preferred his duchal robes, or even more his House Guard's uniform, but both would not have been within the requirements of protocol. Therefore, the black robes were his only choice. He did not look forward to meeting Taga again, but he would not show this. He thought of negotiating about a permanent lease of the Romulan embassy's land, but this was not necessary. The Romulan Senate had made a decision that the embassy would be kept operational, regardless of any agreement between the Federation and Faltan. However, he was looking forward to seeing the ambassadors of the Raeyan Sector Block. He had another decision of the Romulan Senate with him. One that would exclude the entire Raeyan Sector Block from trade with the Romulan Star Empire. Both Senatorial decisions were not binding, it was up to him to negotiate. The Senate gave him a carte blanche. And he would use it.

When Telhas spotted M'Mira, he greeted her. "Commander, the Station looks perfect. But who could expect anything else, with your sense of style. It seems that Starfleet has selected the right person." His smile was genuine.

M'Mira purred. She loved compliments and was easily buttered up. The Romulans were her uneasy ally, one kept in secret, but an ally nonetheless. "Thank you, Ambassadorrrr. We do try ourrrr best. Will yourrr wife be joining in on the festivities this week?

"Probably yes, but not today." Telhas thought for a moment. "I am sure she will come when I tell her how well everything is decorated. So I guess you can expect her tomorrow."

"I apprrreciate yourrr rrrecommendation to yourrr wife," M'Mira answered. "I will look forrrwarrrd to herrr appearrrance then."

Telhas bowed his head. "I will pass this along to Nevala."

Aeryn arrived at the gathering dressed in full dress uniform. As XO of Faltan she needed to make a good impression on the Ambassadors. She smiled politely as she approached M’Mira and Telhas. “Commander, Ambassador.” She nodded politely.

"Commanderrr," M'Mira replied, acknowledging Aeryn. "The Ambassadorrr was telling me how he apprrrreciated all of the decorrrations. I know that you did a good deal of the leg worrrk. It would be a failure of me not to acknowledge yourrr harrrd worrrk."

“Thank you Commander, but that praise is well earned by those who assisted me. I quite enjoyed the challenge actually.”

Telhas smiled. "Good work, definitely. My compliments to your team, then."

“Thank you” Aeryn smiled warmly at Telhas. “I’ll pass that along.”

M'Mira nodded. "Well, we should continue to mingle. Big ceremony in an hourrr. Should have the Ambassadorrrs coming soon."

"Of course. I am looking forward to meeting the other ambassadors." Telhas smiled politely. Before he made his way to mingle with the other present people, he sent Aeryn a telepathic notice 'I have news for you. But not now.'

Aeryn kept her expression as she responded. Thats good news, I’ll stop by and see you later

Kara arrived at the gathering in her dress whites, politely holding onto her husband”s arm as they stepped through the doors. She looked at Tomer and spoke in a quiet voice, “Did I ever tell you I hate these gatherings?”

"We can always go home and pretend we did not get the invitation," Tomer suggested. "Or we could tell the Commander that we were too busy exploring the differences between Trill, human, and Betazoid physiologies.... What do you say, Spots?"

Kara grinned. “Oh we can explore those differences later my love and that’s a promise.” She kissed Tomer on the cheek. “We have our first night alone since we became parents, I intend to enjoy it.”

"Very good," Tomer responded. "We can enjoy it all night long. Let our little Captain boss someone else around for a change, eh?" He chuckled lightly at his wife.

Kara smiled. “Indeed, but it’ll seem strange without Brianna. Maybe we should pick her up later?”

"Now look here, Spots," Tomer's voice took on a slight lecturing tone. "This is our time to remember what it was like before the young Captain. Enjoy me and all of the pompous folks."

Kara gave her husband a silent nod, she was feeling somewhat lost without Brianna with it being their first evening without her.

Grace walked into the room offering a polite smile to all gathered, she and husband Tristian had recently discovered she was indeed pregnant again as they’d wanted. She smiled proudly at Tristian as she held onto his arm.

Tristian had beamed with pride seeing his Grace with her belly beginning her term, her belly a bit swelling, if not too visible. He stood beside her, and winked. Hudson nodded at M'Mira, and the rest of the Faltan crew. Today was circumstance that needed to go well, but he knew everyone would do well around the Brass.

Rohan Read stood towards the rear of the gathered officers. He could yank at his collar without being seen as it seemed the dress uniform seemed to be tighter around his neck than the usual uniform.

Ensign Connor Turner looked around like a child lost in a supermarket. Everywhere he went there were unfamiliar sounds and beings. Despite him being in his dress uniform, he did not look or act the part. He saw his, well, he did not know what to call her anymore, but for lack of words that Connor had, he decided on significant other, Candy Templeton in the crowd. He knew that if he went to her now that she would be most displeased. Looking one way and walking another, he bumped directly into Rohan Reed, spilling a drink he had in his hand. "Oh, um, uh, sorry! Did I get any on you?" He looked at the pips on Rohan and asked, "Sir?"

"Erm, no. It's fine." Read replied as he again yanked at his collar. 'Is this over yet?' He thought to himself.

Oh, thank God, he's male. It will be easier to talk. "Oh, um, good. So, um, what do you do here?" Connor asked.

"Strategic Operations." Rohan replied. 'Why is he talking to me?' He thought to himself. "What about you?"

"Computer engineer," he replied weakly. "I much prefer to be away from things like this. Computers are much easier to talk to but Fi, er, I mean, Candy said I had to be here."

Read glanced at Connors head. "I don't see Miss Templeton's name written anywhere, why would she insist you were here?"

"When does she not insist on anything?" Connor retorted. "We are, um, well, sort of involved. It is complicated." He then hurriedly added, "OhforGod'ssakepleasedon'ttellherthatIsaidanything!!!"

'Interesting.' Thought Read to himself. "I still don't understand why she needs you to be here? You are a free man after all, it's not compulsory for an officer of your level to be here."

"Have you ever met her?!" Connor asked, aghast.

"Yes. She seems like the sort of person who likes to control you, if you let her. Sounds like you're falling into that category." Read replied, trying hard not to smirk.

"She's not as bad as you think," he told Read uncertainly. "She puts on a show to some extent."

Both Read and Connor could see that the reporter was starting to head their direction.

"Quick, she's coming. Stand to attention." Rohan said with a smirk to see what the young man's response would be.

Turner snapped to attention as his superior officer had ordered it. Candy smiled as she arrived. "Connor, you know that I love it when you stand at attention. However, I need a word with Mr. Read for a moment. Why don't you head to your quarters and wait for me, alright?"

Connor glanced over at Read, wondering if it was OK for him to do so.

"Go on, run along." Read said with an unimpressed look on his face. The poor man was like a puppet with the FNS reporter tugging at his strings.

"Come with me," Candy replied, leading Read towards an area that was isolated from the public.

Read glanced around before following Templeton.

"What can I do for you, Miss Templeton?" Read asked. It had been a little while since there last conversation. Rohan had managed to get half of the things on his list done regarding the Falteans than he had hoped. The move from the ground base to the space station had taken up most of his time in recent weeks.

"You know that M'Mira does not want a move, right? My sources are telling me that the Falteans are going to force the issue."

"It's no secret that the Commander is against the relocation to the space station, but what point would the Falteans be making by forcing something that's already happening." Read replied with a frown. "I think you're being fed the wrong information."

"Because the current negotiation, Lieutenant, is for the permanent leasing of this station." Candy looked at Read condescendingly. "You really are an idiot, aren't you? Perhaps I should just take this information to the new security chief or Tomer, that completely devoted hunk." Candy's mouth practically drooled disappointedly at the mention of Tomer.

Rohan smiled, "If you thought I was an idiot you wouldn't have brought this information to me. So, what are the Falteans planning to do?"

"Oh, I still think you're an idiot but you're the idiot that I know," Candy told Rohan. "Sabotaging this conference. Not exactly certain how but they're convinced that there will be nobody left on this station. That's why I'll have Connor pack everything up."

Rohan nodded, "Do you have any specifics about this?"

"A little. There will be a Faltean coming in that will be carrying whatever they think will cause everyone to leave."

"Any ideas when?" Read asked as he began to look around for a Faltean carrying something.

"I just heard something about presenting their complaints before the ambassadors," she said with a shrug.

"Alright, I'll speak with the Commander M'Mira and Lieutenant Zhaan. Stay safe." Read said with a nod before he headed off to find those he needed to speak to.

While the pomp and ceremony was being ushered. Tristian had turned to his Wife. "Gracie, do you need a place to sit for a moment, this may be a lot of standing around." Hudson casually had looked around for a seat nearby to have his Wife take a seat when needed, as it would be a while of introductions and formalities.

Grace smiled warmly, Tristian was extremely attentive. “I’m fine for now but I’ll probably take you up on that later on depending on how long festivities go on.”

Hudson had begun to dislike the officers behind him, chittering away when this was a diplomatic event. So far, only Tristian and Grace were the two standing ready to meet the Faltean Delegation. "This is becoming trying!" He grumbled, looking over at his Wife Grace. "I'm sorry, I had no idea things would be this long. I would have come to get you closer to the.... Well.... NOW." He grunted, looking around. "Now is the start I'm assuming as we were all to attend..." He had checked his Silver Wrist Chronometer, one his Father had given him. "Now..." He gruffed.

Grace grinned. “Tristian my dear, calm down. You know these get togethers take time, maybe we should take a tour of the room let you introduce yourself to the delegation members.” She smiled. “Let’s see if we can get closer to the buffet table too, i’m starving.”

"Fair enough." Tristian had grimaced a bit, as he turned and walked with Grace towards the mid section of the room and the crowds around. Noticing familiar faces, and more unfamiliar as they had walked. Turning they headed strait to the buffet table. "We always end up at the buffet at these things don't we?" Hudson had chuckled.

“We do, but we have a good excuse!” Grace grinned. “I am easing for three after all.” She politely chose herself some food, putting out a modest amount on her plate not wanting to look greedy.

"Before long, our little league team will be needing more nutrients." He had scoffed. "Eat some more, you are always too thin!" Hudson side hugged his Wife and gave a quick peck to Grace's cheek. He grinned. "Wow, they have a lot here... How much of this do you thinks replicated?"

“I’d imagine for such a special occasion it’s mostly fresh, brought in just for this kind of gathering.” Grace smiled. “Only the best for guests.”

After reviewing the security protocols and checking in with everyone assigned to transporter pads and docking facilities as well as the areas of the station that were best guarded in such events, Phelan had done what he could to secure the event. Officers would watch everything remotely, visible guards were stationed at the entrances, and others, off-duty but still on alert, would circulate through the crowd. At 6'3" and brand-new to the station, there was little chance of him fitting in, so, glasses firmly in place, he stayed on the periphery so that he could receive reports and watch the crowd. Privately, he wished he had been here longer, to know the players better, but you did what you could with what you had. Life of a security officer.

Tomer strode up to the Chief Security Officer and said, "Any special instructions? Union ambassadors should be arriving shortly."

"Just keep your eyes open," Phelan said. "I know you're here with your wife so, we'll do the heavy lifting. If anything starts, you're back on duty."

"I appreciate it, Chief." He smiled at Phelan widely and walked off to rejoin his wife.

Kara smiled as she appeared at her husband’s side. “Is everything alright?”

"Everything is fine. I just had to make sure that taking some time off with you was going to be alright. After all, I am not the Acting Chief anymore, which means all the big decisions are someone else's and I can spend more time with you and the Little Captain!"

Kara smiled warmly. “That sounds wonderful, now shouldn’t we be mingling with the crowd?”

"Well, you're the belle of this ball, so lead on Spots!" Tomer replied to Kara with a grin that told her that she was the most beautiful female in the universe.

Kara smiled the biggest smile yet the blush on her cheeks showing how much she appreciated her husband’s comment. “Heaven help any woman who tries chasing you!”

"There are other women?" he asked with a sly smile. "I never knew that."

Kara grinned. “Oh really? I guess I don’t have to worry about chasing anyone away then do I?

"Who needs chasing away?" Tomer asked with a wink. "Only the flies that come to hang around you, Spots."

“I’m not sure whether to be offended by that comment” Kara gave her husband a playful thwack on the arm. “Now let’s play nice and greet the guests.”

After the conversation with Miss Templeton, Read rushed to find either M'Mira or Zhaan. He had an inclining something like this might happen but couldn't be sure. His visual scans of the area clocked onto Zhaan first. He quickly but carefully moved through the gathered people towards Faltan's security chief. "Lieutenant Zhaan, can I have a quiet word please?

"Of course," Phelan said. He nodded toward one of the other more obvious guards and then gestured toward a nearby alcove. "We can talk here if that's alright?"

Read nodded, "I've just received some information about that Falteans targeting this ceremony. I'm not sure of the details but this information has come from a trusted source. We need to inform Commander M'Mira and begin wrapping this up and getting these people out."

"No details of any kind," Phelan asked. In his experience, politicians and those who considered themselves to be 'important' within their own societies were loathe to retreat from this sort of event. Commander M'Mira, on the other hand, seemed to be narcissistic enough to embrace the concept of personal safety.

"Only that a Faltean will be carrying in what they plan to use. My guess would be an explosive or possibly a biological weapon but I don't think the Falteans have the capability for the latter." Read said, his tone hushed but concerned.

"We should also be doing a scan for explosives and biologicals," Phelan said. "I'll go speak to the Commander and get that started. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Lieutenant." He caught Tomer's eye and jerked his head ever so slightly to the side, indicating that the Assistant Chief should join him.

Tomer saw Phelan's signal. He then sighed and kissed his wife. "Business has called, honey. I'll see you soon."

Kara smiled and nodded. “Be careful” she watched him go with a sense of concern.

Looking around, he walked up to Phelan as nonchalantly as he could. "What's up?"

"Lieutenant Read has uncovered a threat to this event," Phelan said. "If you could coordinate with Ops, get a scan of everyone here, look for energy and biological signatures, I'll speak to the Commander and let her know what's going on."

"Did you see M'Mira? I think I seen her preening herself in the other powder room?" Hudson turned to Grace. He had a glass of wine which he enjoyed. Not too many times off of work he was able to indulge, always being on call for something. "Cheers Grace." He had clinked to her glass.

Grace chinked her glass against her husband’s “Cheers”

Tomer shook his head. "Alright, I will head to ops and run the scan. I assume you want to know the results as soon as I have it, Chief?"

"What can I do?" Read asked Zhaan. He didn't want to over step any boundaries but wanted to help.

"Yes, I do," Phelan said, nodding in Tomer's direction. "If you could move through the crowd, alert the senior staff to the possibility. We all have to act like nothing is wrong, at least for the moment. But the more eyes we get on the situation, the more likely we are to figure out what's going on," he said to Lieutenant Read. "Nothing obvious or overt."

"Alright," Tomer answered. "I'll try to get the Commander's ear."

"Understood." Read replied with a nod as he began to head into the crowd of people to find the senior staff and make them aware of the situation.

Kara caught up with her husband, “Exactly what is going on? And don’t tell me nothing.”

"Probably nothing," Tomer protectively told his wife. "Just keep your eyes out and perhaps you should check on our little Captain."

Kara nodded in agreement. “I’ll do that” She kissed Tomer on the cheek and headed out of the room.

Grace too was watching the security personnel. “Sweetheart” she looked at Tristian. “I think there’s something going on.”


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