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Fixit Time

Posted on Thu Nov 23rd, 2023 @ 12:20am by Ensign Connor Turner & Ensign L'Nari

566 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Mission 4 - Like a Thunderbolt
Location: Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD 05 1700

L'Nari was not a happy kitty this evening. Just two hours to the end of her shift today, and she was having computer problems. Namely, diagnostics performed on each shuttle's navigational computer; literally every single one had passed the battery of tests she'd thrown at them, except this one. For the fifth time that evening she sighed and input instructions into the navigational panel and instructed the computer to lay in a safe course for the very same destination she'd put in the past four times in a row... absolutely no avail. The plotted route curved through an ion storm six light years away, strong enough to rip the craft to shreds with the energy eddies it created. Just like the previous four times she'd tried this. Really? REALLY?? With an exasperated hiss of annoyance the young Caitian smacked her commbadge. "This is ensign L'Narrri to enginerrring, can I get someone down to shuttlebay fourrr, please? The shuttlecrrraft Misteln. Thank you."

"What is the nature of the problem, with the shuttlecraft?" came back the response.

"The shuttle computerrr won't stop plotting weirrrd routes. Trrried it five times now, it's always the same route thrrrough an ion storm." She replied, tapping on the computer interface with an irritated purr. "Can I have someone look at it please?"

The response came back, "Have you turned the computer off and turned it on again?"

"Yes." L'Nari said through gritted teeth. "Severrral times. Now, please... can I have someone to have a look?"

"Very well, we will send up Ensign Connor Turner to assist you with your problem. Where did you say that you were again? And your ship? We need it for our records."

FINALLY. "Shuttlebay fourrr, please. Shuttlecraft Misteln." At last. L'Nari breathed a sigh of relief as she collapsed into the seat of her shuttlecraft.

Thirty long seconds passed while L'Nari was collapsed in the Misteln. A gangly, clean cut man walked up and looked around and called out in a British accent, "Hello? Anyone here?" He sighed, not seeing anyone. "This better not have been another joke...."

At last! L'Nari bounced to her feet with renewed energy and bounded up to him. "Oh, thank goodness. I assume you were briefed as to what's going on with the Misteln?"

Connor looked at the Caitian and then promptly looked away from her. Candy would kill him if he so much as looked at another woman, or so he believed. "Um, well, I was told that there was a problem and that you turned it off and on and that did not solve the problem. Perhaps if you told me more...."

"Well..." L'Nari spent the next few minutes catching him up to speed on the problems she'd encountered before smiling expectantly at him. "I suspect that there's something wrong with the navigational computer - but I'm sure you know better. Right?"

As long as L'Nari was talking about computers, Connor's attention was rapt. However, the moment she finished, his gaze floated towards his feet, finding them extremely more interesting. "Sounds like your navigational array was corrupted. Could have been some residual particles from the base attack, a virus, or well," he paused and then final concluded, "let's just not talk about that."

He then asked an odd question, "Do you have the log of whoever had this ship or worked on it in the last week?"


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