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Return to Faltan Base (Part 3)

Posted on Sun Jan 14th, 2024 @ 4:37pm by Commander M'Mira & Commander Ba'zra Channe & Lieutenant Tyler Lockley & Lieutenant Feeva Drylo

857 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Mission 4 - Like a Thunderbolt
Location: Faltan Base, Falta III
Timeline: MD06 - 1800

Paisley F'rar impatiently waited at the door to the Transport Bay. She flirted a bit with the Transport Specialist. "Hi. Ensign Sar, right?" She asked the man. She tapped her fingers against her PADD. Why was she the Ops person chosen for this?!

M'Mira came striding down the hall. Her tail was hardly moving and nearly trailed along the floor. However, it hung just above it, as if the tail was daring any dust to touch it at the risk of its own extermination. Spotting Ensign F'rar waiting for the ship that Ba'zra was flying (It would never be Ba'zra's ship as far as the Caitian was concerned.), she asked the Cajoran, "So how did you end up here? I missed grrreeting you."

"I was on the last shuttle out. Reassigned. Ops. I got in a bit of a kerfuffle on my last posting, and I saw this opening and jumped at the chance to try again," she said. Her last ship had seen a fight, and she was dealing well emotionally with the fallout from losing a friend.

Tyler walked down the hall towards the Transporter Room. He had made a quick stop at the armoury to collect his gear before heading straight to the transporter. His selection of gear was limited, with most of the supplies they'd had being damaged or destroyed. He had, however, managed to salvage a Phaser Rifle, which he carried slung over his chest, along with his Phaser which was in it's holster on his belt. Apart from this he carried a small knife on the opposite side of his belt, along with a small Medi-Pack in case of emergencies. He walked up to the small group that had assembled. "Are we all here, or still waiting on someone?" He asked no one in particular.

M'Mira answered, "We'rrre still waiting on Commanderrr Channe to get here with our rrride and exchange the firrrst grrroup for ours." She watched as she saw a gangly man walking with his head in a PADD mumbling to himself. She told Lockley, "You might want to step aside for a moment."

Tyler took a step to the right just in time to avoid the man walking down the corridor. He nodded his appreciation to M'Mira. "Appreciate the warning." He replied, with a kind smile.

"Turrrnerrr!" M'Mira half purred, half shouted with amusement. Just as the Ensign was about to walk into Paisley F'rar, he looked up, saw the Cajoran, shouted, "ARRAAHHH!" and barely held onto his PADD as he stumbled a few steps backwards, narrowly avoiding falling back into Lockley.

"Don't mind him," M'Mira explained. "He's all about his worrrk. He has a slight overrrsight in dating ourrr trrroublesome FNS rrreporrrterrr."

Connor blushed furiously.

Paisley snorted. "We have a reporter?!" The Carjoran asked. She shrugged. "I will need to meet HER straight away," she said. Maybe the woman would be interested in an expose on the dark underbelly of the Cardassian "trade" program. "Anyway, I think we're just waiting for the new Vulcan, and then we can go."

"I don't rrrecall Captain Channe saying that we werrre going to have a Vulcan joining us. Wherrre did you get that inforrrrmation, Ensign? And yes, Candy Templeton is the FNS rrreporrrterrr. She's verrrrrry unique."

"I heard her mention it in the turbolift on the way down," the tall Carjoran said, with a shrug. Meanwhile, she was eyeballing the one called Turner. What a nerd. "Interesting..." She said, to no one in particular, about nothing in particular. "What ARE we going to be doing? My boss just said to get my ass here," she said.

"Ourrr orrrders arrre to shut down the planetarrry and make certain nothing falls into the Faltean hands," M'Mira answered simply.

Suddenly, the first away team materialized in front of them and Ba'zra's voice rang out through the comms, =^= Ready to beam up the second away team. =^= M'Mira confirmed and suddenly M'Mira, Turner, Lockley, and F'rar appeared on the Minotaur. Ba'zra continued, "Buckle up, everyone. We're going in quick and I expect all your work to be done expeditiously."

Paisley nodded. "Yes, ma'am," she said, adjusting her toolbag to the other shoulder. "I am ready," she said.

It took little time for the Minotaur to get back into Faltan planetary space. Ba'zra did not wait to check if people were ready to be beamed down. She simply did it once she got into an orbit.

M'Mira, Turner, Lockley, and F'rar appeared on the planetary base at the origin of the horrors. The place was dark and eerily quiet. M'Mira then took control, "Lockley, you'rrre with me. We're going to Ops. Turrrnerrr and F'rrrarrr, you two go handle all the secondarrry systems. Make cerrrtain that therrre is nothing left forrr the Falteans to scavenge. Pay parrrticularrrr attention to the computerrr systems. Any questions?"

Paisley shook her head. "No, ma'am, do the systems and don't fuck it up, right?" She said. She turned to Turner. "Are you ready?" She asked the ginger haired man. "While we're working, you can tell me about this reporter," she said, picking up her kit. "Lead the way," she said.


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